Baby Mynah flew away ...


Yeah, we're prepared for this day. We knew he would leave us one day, when he is ready. What we didn't expect is that it'll be this fast and in the most unfortunate way.

He didn't leave because he wanted to, but because he was startled. 

Baby mynah have always been timid and recently, we've crows starting family in the trees nearby our house. They were eyeing on baby mynah. At least we believed so as they kept trying to get closer to our window.

So what we do is to clap and wave our hands to send a message across - not this bird, not this house.

This morning, my dad let baby mynah out of his cage for his usual morning play + feeding time routine. The crows got closer and were calling at him, so my dad clapped loudly.

Baby mynah was startled and as he was very close to the window, he flew out. We tried to call him, whistle, sing the song we always sing to him... but he never came back.

I know this day would come but I wished he was better prepared. He is still struggling to eat solid food and would only eat by himself if the food is really soft (like meshed potato state). But all we can do is wait, maybe he'll know his way home.

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