The other side to the PMD ban on footpaths!

I know this is not going to be popular but I feel there is a need to also present the other side of the story, or at least let others be aware of what the cyclists face on the "roads".

But before I begin, I want to make it clear that this is not a post to side anyone or blame anyone. This is what I experienced while walking around to deliver food and on the few times that I did ride my bicycle to help me deliver fast.

While its a confirmed (plus chop) thing that PMDs will be banned on footpaths, I think the problem won’t be completely solved, not when some of the pedestrians are not willing to use the footpaths responsibly or be accommodating enough to share the path with others, be it bicycles or people.

It’s just sad that some of the pedestrians are showing this “triumph attitude” towards all users who are not on foot! It’s very extreme what some would do to other users.

I’ve experienced more than a few times when I’m cycling around when people started swearing, “Hey! You can’t cycle here!”, for no apparent reasons. But of course, sometimes these responses are triggered by the ringing of bell! 

Just the other day, I was cycling as usual and I rang the bell to warn others as the path is pretty narrow, but it's definitely still wide enough to let 2 bicycles pass each other. I was cycling towards an elderly man, and as usual, I ring to warn him. He looked at me with annoyance and then without warning, lifted his umbrella (with a pretty sharp metal tip) and pushed it forward and slightly sideways towards me. Its not totally directed at me but its so close I’ve to stop to avoid any contact with the umbrella! And then he just walked off with a victorious look on his face.

I find his action dangerous and totally uncalled for!! I was going really slow, slow enough to avoid his sudden swing of "weapon" and he still have to do that? Does he not care about the safety of cyclists?

I just hope the pedestrians stop and think for the cyclists too. Don't be hostile towards all of them, not everyone speed and disregard to safety of others.

Also, don’t walk like “pong mahjongs tiles” (row of 3) on the cycling paths! It’s actually safer if pedestrians just avoid walking on the cycling path and stay on their footpaths! There is a reason why the government wanted separate paths for both - to avoid accidents!

Before you started getting angry and leave a bashing comment, stop to ask yourself if you're one of those with the "triumph attitude"? Are you hostile towards all cyclist and are nasty towards them? Do you give way to other pedestrians? If so, why can't you do the same towards a bicycle?

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