Ordered Lay's Chips Again! Many New Flavours included!

It seems like buying potato chips (especially Lime and Cucumber flavoured ones) have become an annual "tradition" for my family. My mum loves them and when I ask her if she wants them for CNY, she would always say "YES!".

Anyway, I didn't wait for the double 11 sales to get them as I've won a discount coupon for TMall plus TMall is having their own promotion at the time of purchase!

I got 18 bottles of potato chips (14 of them are 104g and 4 of them 90g) and a packet of 145g chips for about SG$25, after all the discounts. But of course, shipment to Singapore is not included.

Unfortunately, TMall doesn't offer the new, more exotic flavours Lay's Chips (more about them later on) and I've to get them from some smaller stores. These exotic flavours chips are quite hard to get as they sell really fast, so I've to buy from 2 separate stores to get all the flavours I wanted.

Surviving Rate

I always trust TMall with for the packing and deliver service as from my previous experience buying from them, the parcel arrived in good condition and the chips well protected. I remember being able to have some whole chips instead of bits and pieces. But well this time round ...

Not so good. It's obvious that the package have not been well packed, hence the packet of chip arrived squashed and all the air have escaped. There are not enough anti-shock airbags to protect the bottles hence the bottles were all over the place too. So its not surprising that when I picked up the bottles, I hear some of crushed, broken chips. I think I can use them in cheer-leading -_-.

I haven't open them to eat yet, I'll update with a photo when I do.

As for the ones from the smaller stores... I was prepared for burst packages as I saw from the photo provided by PingAn International Express when it arrived in their warehouse, that the box was squashed.

But surprisingly, the casualty is little! Out of the 7 packets I bought, only 1 of them had burst open, the rest are still in good conditions. Btw, the chips in the burst package is still crispy.


I must say, I'm quite happy with PingAn International Express and the overall packaging of the smaller stores.

Total Costs

Shipping sensitive items like Potato chips from overseas is never cheap and so, take a deep breathe and prepare yourself before I reveal the total cost of everything including shipment!

TMall - ~SG$25
Smaller Store 1 - ~SG$4.50
Smaller Store2 - ~SG$5.50
Shipment - SG$22

Total - SG$57

$57 for 27 items of potato chips, so each item is about SG$2.15! Not very cheap but not really expensive. But since they're not available in Singapore, then well, its worth it!

Update: I just realised that Lime flavoured Lay's Chips (packet version) are being sold in NTUC, but well, its the bottle ones that taste better, trust me on this one!

Exotic Flavours

Well, well, it has finally come to the part which I'm very excited about - The exotic flavours! Care to guess what creative flavours they're this time round?

Packet Chips

 Top Row: 1st (from left) Grilled Eel, Sour Plum, Spicy Crayfish.
2nd Row: Fried Crab, White Peach

These flavours only comes in packet form and doesn't comes in bottles. I've yet to try them, so can't comment on its taste. But well, I'm excited over the sour plum and white peach one!

Update: I tried the spicy crayfish chips, it doesn't taste too bad. It's on the saltish side and have... well, it has this faint curry taste quite similar to Twisties'. Do I taste crayfish? Erm... what do crayfish taste like?

Bottled Chips

Left to Right: Chinese yam with pork ribs (brown), Purple Sweet Potato with coconut milk (Purple), Avocado with Wasabi (Green) and Pumpkin with caramel (Orange)

Seriously and honestly, I'm not very excited about these flavours except the Avocado one and it's because I like wasabi. LOL

Hopefully they don't taste too bad! Will update again about how they taste!

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