I've been away for quite sometime. Now, I'm back, feeling tired and whipped.


I've been active on a writing site. It's a pay-to-write/read kind of site that pays points to the users. The points are then converted into cash. Minimum payout is $10 for some payment processors.

I won't mentioned the name of the site, although I'm quite sure some of you could guess it.

Anyway, something unpleasant happened on the site... It's more of like a different point of view that well, you can't say anyone is wrong.

Basically the site has quite some bugs, some get solved but there are a few that are reoccurring. Or rather to put it bluntly, never solved.

Communication were never there ... almost everything that were feedback/asked to the admin team were ignored. Problems continue to occur and many get frustrated. Some even went to leave negative reviews on other sites. (To be honest, those reviews are mostly stating facts, with maybe one or two exceptions)

Then came someone who would like to clear up all the negatives - I don't really know in what sense does he mean negatives. He said that if you write something negative about something, you need to include something positive about it too.

Hmm ... I understand that a review needs to be balance and as neutral as possible, so yes, I do agree with him. But he seems to skew towards that "the users are not grateful". I kept getting this feeling that if you write about a problem you found on that site, you're automatically categorize as "negative" and "ungrateful".

So I went in and gave my point of view, which seems to be unpopular. I don't know why... perhaps I just don't have enough understanding about humans ... I just came from the point of view of a user which is opposite to his.

He got aggressive and even try to imply that I owe the site (huh?!), so I told him I'll not respond anymore.

Basically I see a cycle, perhaps he never see. The admin doesn't want to communicate and hence many users left in anger and confusion. Some of them assume the site is broken or even closing down due to the lack of respond and long standing problems. They left after such unpleasant experience and naturally would not have a positive opinion about the site!

I believe the "negatives" would remain until the questions are answered or at least some form of communication is made.

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