Unexpected ways you could have given your particulars out!

Well, I haven't mentioned this, but I've been working as a parcel walker on a part time basis. What si a parcel walker? Well, I deliver parcel on foot. Simple as that.

Basically, a driver would drop a bag of parcels (that are in my neighbourhood, usually the few blocks around mine) and I would deliver them on foot. I guess this is to cut down time of the driver having to walk around the estate and then paying the parking fee. (We have a 10 minute grace time, if you leave the carpark before your 10 minutes is up, you don't have to pay a single cent)

The frequency of me having to deliver parcels is not high, say 2-3 days(max) per week with about 2-3 parcels per day. Sometime, I don't have any parcel to deliver for a whole week. But then this is just a part time job, to get some coffee money. The pay is really low, $0.5 for parcels less than 1kg (which is the norm). But well, its simple, brainless job.

Anyway, the bag of parcels would be left/tied (rarely) at my doorstep if I'm not home to receive it. On the bag, there would be a piece of paper attached which have my particulars, including full name, address and contact number. Other than that, it also contains the same information of the recipients.

So whenever I want to get rid of the paper, I make sure to draw out all of the particulars, not only mine but the others too. Just to play safe. I've seen  such information being "dumped" at the rubbish collection points more than a few times.

They're so eye-catching you don't even need to be digging through to find them.  

These particulars, are also printed on the parcels themselves, and if you just dump them carelessly, you'll be giving out a lot of your particulars!

The same goes for letters and other kinds of forms whereby you give out your particulars, say a resume.

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