What have I been up to? DIY Gamepad with cooling fan!

Well, I have been updating this blog for a while... I'm busy with other stuffs ...

1) DIY a cooling fan + "gamepad" (just for better grip)
2) DIY gun that shoots!

Yes, I've been quite into DIY recently.

In my previous post, I've mentioned that I've gotten a gamepad cum cooling fan for my phone, but then its not only uncomfortable to use (for PUBG) but also has a short battery life.

So I decided to try DIY one on my own!

I didn't take much photos of the process of the "casing", but its basically divided into "3 parts"... the left and right handles and the middle compartment. I tied them together with Elastic Strap used for clothings an rubber band.

Yes, it stretches to accommodate the phone (and a flat charging cable when needed).

Next, I started reading online about "wiring" and simple electronics. I looked at others' project and then I search online for the parts (modules and switches) and find out about them. Of course, I'm still half-ass and I still couldn't do soldering :/

After the parts arrived, I tried wiring everything and then tested that it works before I get my dad's help to solder up the wires!

If you're curious about the parts...

I've a 5V fan, a TP4056 charging module (the board with the micro-USB), a switch and some heat shrink. For the battery, I reused an old NDS battery which is 1600mAh. Surprisingly, it last almost 4 hours! Anyway, I'm searching for a battery with more juice and plans to get a booster with LED indication!

I DIY a heatsink with aluminum from drink can... not sure if it works well, I learn this from a Youtube video... LOL

There, done!

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