Will I use these clip-on lenses for my phone?

Impulse shopping can be really scary ... I mean, I didn't even want to buy these lenses! (And this is not the only lenses I bought!) 

Ok, maybe I'm a little fascinated by Macro photos. I thought they were really cool with all the details.

But seriously, I don't really have a great need for such lenses. Still, I got them... The things is they aren't that expensive - ~SG$11 for 5 lenses - Fisheye, Macro, Wide-angle, Telephoto(2x Zoom) and CPL.

Well, the lenses are pretty well built and they comes in a case with a clip for easy carrying. And they serve their purpose quite well.

I'll be showing a few examples I took with the lens. (All photos are taken by my iPhone 7 Plus)

The wide-angle lens

"This type of lens allows more of the scene to be included in the photograph" - Wikipedia

With the lens

Without the lens


Telephoto Lens

My understanding is that such lenses "bring" the subject closer, like a zoom-in effect.

 With the lens

 Without the lens

Macro Lens

"Macro photography is the art of taking photos of things very close up, allowing you to see details in the photo that your eyes would never be able to see." - BorrowLenses

I've been experimenting with this lens the most... I actually find it hard to find the focus and I've to get really close to have a sharp image. The lens tends to blur the "surrounding" a little too much for my liking.


Fisheye Lens

I've tried the Fisheye lens and it create this ugly black border around which I really dislike!



CPL Lens

I've NO IDEA what CPL does. I don't see much differences when I put the lens on. A quick search online shows that it darken skies, manage reflections, or suppress glare from the surface of lakes or the sea.

Left: No CPL, Right: With CPL
(Image taken from Wikepedia)





- 5 lens to choose from, 5 different effects
- Easy to carry
- Comes with carrying case 
- Clipper is tight
- Comes with lens cover
- Improve photo quality
- Macro is great, captures lots of details


- Troublesome to use/change lens (screwing the lens)
- Cannot use with most phone casing
- Have to adjust and align lens
- Have to get really close for sharp image for macro len

Back to the question, Will I use the lenses? 

It depends. 

I mean although they're easy to carry, they aren't that easy to "setup". You need to do some adjustment and alignment to get a good view or you'll end up with "black border" (like the ones created by the Fisheye lens).

And the most turn-off reason is that I can't use them with my phone casing on! I guess there are reasons why the lenses are always advertised with a phone without casing on!

I believe unless your casing is really thin (almost non existent), you'll have to remove your casing to use the lens!

But of course, the lens produce quite good quality and serve their purpose well.

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