My PUBG Package - None-Obstructing Lightning Adapter + Cooling Gamepad + Trigger!

I was recently very much into the First Person Shooting game, PUBG Mobile. Most gamer will know, the game drain battery really fast and also makes your phone really hot. When my phone gets too hot, it'll start to LAG! And lagging is a huge No-No for PUBG!

So I decided to get myself a phone cooler and then a longer adapter that would be more comfortable for my hand.

Previously, I've tried quite a few adapters, like the "Tablet/Medicine Adapter". However, they are quite obstructive when it comes to playing PUBG. Not only that, there is quite a lot of intermittent when I was pushing against it when I play game. (More rants on that in another post)

Lightning Adapter

Anyway, that's why I've decided to try this dual lightning adapter. It's slightly more expensive than my previous ones, this one cost about SG$11, without shipping fee.


2A Charging
Frequency Respond: 20Hz-20KHz
SNR: 95dB, THD+N: -80dB
Power Output: 2x35mW@32Ω
Function: Audio + Charge + Call 
Earphone Control: Supported 

So what is so different about this adapter?

Well, it's longer, hence you hand can rest comfortably on it, instead of needing to avoid."go around" it.

I've tried it on for a while and the charging is pretty quick, the adapter doesn't affect the music quality or at least not that I notice. I also like the blue LED indicator which looks quite cool, unless you're hiding in your blanket to play games at night. LOL

But well, it's not without its cons ... if you decided to go in with both audio (earphone) and charging, then one of them (the one at the top) will become slightly obstructive because well, the adapter is still not long enough for my iPhone 7 Plus. It might work well for not Plus size phones perhaps.

Cooling Gamepad and Power Bank 


This cooling gamepad could easily fit anything from iPhone to plus size iPhones without a problem. But I don't think it fits tablets in any directions.

It comes with an microUSB input and a USB output and an extension that could turn the gamepad into a phone stand. And it's pretty stable as a stand.

The switch on the back is also in a rather convenient position (at least for me) and I could turn it on without having to flip the gamepad over.

I've played PUBG and AOV on this gamepad and well, it's good for AOV but not so great for PUBG, especially if you try to use triggers. Your hand (or fingers) probably won't be long enough to reach easily if you're holding onto the handles. (Well, unless you've really long fingers or huge hands)

Also you'd want to be really careful when placing your phone in and taking it out. It can scratch your phone casing! Perhaps you want to add extra padding or just be really careful.

Another thing you might want to take note is that, the battery lasted only 2-3 hours for me after a full charge ... Not the 8 hours as advertised.


I've gotten 2 kinds of triggers:

 The wheel triggers

Top triggers

That's how I'll name these triggers in the rest of the post.

Well, I was really excited for the triggers! I mean, they looked so cool on the website and they're really cheap!

But then once again, they were great disappointment! Like Epic flop!


Let me explain!

The Wheel Triggers

I called it the "wheel trigger" because of its design. It has this wheel thingy that you could screw according to the thickness of your phone. That sounds really nice, right? But then, well, it's hard plastic with no padding, so yeah, it can scratch your phone casing!

Is it difficult to screw? Well, it depends a little on how small are fingers are. So some may find it frustrating to screw!

But that's not its biggest flop! The biggest flop is the length of the contact point! it's so short, it just touches the top part of my iPhone 7... meaning ... It wasn't good for phone that is not full screen, without border!


Even though the buttons are really clicky and nice, I have stop using these triggers because well, it's just so hard to map with the button when they need to be so high up there!

Top Triggers

These triggers are slight better than the "wheel" ones, because they stretched further down and makes it easier to map the keys.


However, they can scratch your phone too! So try not to shift the triggers with the clippers on!

I played with this set of triggers more often, they're pretty clicky but they aren't as responsive as I want them to be ... sometimes, it just won't respond fast enough!

Overall, it was not a great package and I'm quite disappointed! I went on to try making my own "gamepad" but then ... haiz ~

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