Benjie Nuo Bi Xing v3 Audio Player Review


Nuo Bi Xing v3 audio player

500 mAh
(About 4.5 hours of music on loud speaker, volume 25/31)

FM Radio, music player, dictionary, 
voice recording, e-book, video player, 
image viewer, alarm, bluetooth

Audio Formats:

Video and e-Book Formats:
- Not mentioned -

I just got fed up with the dual lightning adaptor for my iPhone! They just seem to stop working after like within 2 weeks, some get passed the 3 weeks mark but almost none made it pass the 4th week! It's annoying!

So I decided that I should just get an audio player, maybe a mp3 or mp4. I didn't do much of a research but I wanted something with touchscreen so I don't need to be pressing button after button just to get to a song I wanted to listen.

But mind you, audio players with a touchscreen and decent screen size (say 2" and above) are not that cheap. I mean if you get a "non-branded" one with buttons control, it'll cost you around SG$9-15 but a 2" touchscreen audio player can easily cost twice as much or more.

I just happen to come across this audio player from Nuo Bi Xing which cost only SG$16 during the 12.12 sales. It's selling under Shopee Mall and has a 15 days return policy whereby I can return it if I didn't like it. All fees to return the item are covered, so I don't need to fork out a single cent. So I thought, "Why not?".


There is nothing fanciful about the packaging - just a simple box with the accessories and player inside. Funny enough, I've a hard time finding any information about Nuo Bi Xing and when I turned the box around, I saw that it's actually under the company "Benjie" and the website provided is also that of Benjie. 

I headed over to the website only to find nothing about Nuo Bi Xing. The only product on the site which resembles the v3 player is the Benjie A36, which specs is much better. (better battery, built, material used and functions) But of course the price is also much higher.

However I'm quite impressed with the accessories included. There is the MicroUSB charging cable, a screen protector, a soft rubber casing and an OTG cable.

There is also a Product manual which is... not helpful at all. 

The Player

The player is surprisingly thick and heavier than I thought it to be. It's screen to body ratio also ... well, I've included the photo being shown on Shopee below, you can make the comparison yourself ... 

Image Source:

It's obviously that the photo is misleading... and the screen is much smaller. What was advertise as 2.5" full touchscreen turned out to be a 2.3-2.4" screen with a thick border around. -_-"

The switch and volume button is on the right side of the device while the micro SD card slot is on the left. There is no information on how much capacity can this player takes up to, I've used a 32GB card and it works just fine. Tried a 128GB card, it detects the card but somehow it wasn't able to read everything on the card, so only half the songs are loaded. Weird

The 3.5mm audio jack and microUSB port is on the bottom. The loud speaker is at the back of the player, which sometimes could be accidentally blocked.

The player can also be used as a flash drive or card reader for the microSD card. But mind you, it's read and write speed is quite slow.

Functionality and Performance

Touch Screen

I'll first start with the touch screen. It's pretty smooth in the main "home" menu, however it does gets a little laggy and less precise as you navigate deeper into the functions menus. (or is it my fat finger?)

The player doesn't have the function to scroll down by swiping, so when you need to scroll through a list of long items (say "All songs"), you'll have to use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to go through one item by one item. It's kinda inconvenient but at least it isn't laggy ... most of the time.

Image Viewer

The image viewer ... well, you know you cannot expect much from a player with LCD screen. The image are well, not appealing and some of the images are heavily pixelated. Not to mention that, you can't view the image full screen if you let the music run in the background.


If you get passed the small keyboard, the dictionary function is pretty cool. It function as a dictionary/English to Chinese translator and the pronunciation/read function is very handy. 

FM Radio

The radio works but it has quite a lot of interference, which is not exactly ideal for listening.

Voice Recording

Unfortunately the microphone doesn't pick up sound too well. I need to get quite close to have a clear and loud enough recording. 

e-Book Reading

I've managed to figure out the format which the device could recognise and it's the ".txt" format. There is 2 font size to choose from "Original" and the "Large". The large is really huge and should be clear for most people. However, you cannot drag and scroll by lines as you would on your smartphone, you can only do a page flip, so it may not be that ideal if you're using it to view lyrics.

Sadly, I didn't get to try the video function. I've tried varies format but wasn't able to find one that could work on the player. I also didn't try out the bluetooth as my only wireless earphone went missing -_-

Music Player and Sound Quality

The player seems to lack the ability to show lyrics or perhaps it's me not saving the meta tags correctly but anyway, I've not succeeded in getting the lyrics to show up in the player. You also cannot forward or rewind the song, it'll just play from start to end. There is however a really interesting function of AB repeating whereby you can set and loop a segment of a song.

The navigation can be quite a headache if you've a long list of songs. However, if you do fill up the meta tags of the songs correctly, you'll be able to filter by "Artist" or "Albums". Alternatively, you can also create a playlist. 

To be honest, the built-in loud speaker is not very impressive. It's a little on the dull side (lacking the boom factor in the bass) and also tends to crack at certain frequency especially on higher volume. (25/31) If the song gets "complicated", it tends to crack even more. 

The audio via the 3.5mm audio seems to be slightly better but when compared to the audio quality of the iPhone 7, it just seems to be duller and less energetic. The lack of boomy bass is also disappointing. 

Overall, the player is acceptable for the price but of course, if you want something better (or iPhone quality), you need to get something else. This player is not for bass-head. 

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