I almost got scam into giving my credit card details!!

It's really scary!

Ok, let's me explain why I find it so scary.

I just recently ordered an item on Carousell. The seller sent the item out 2 days before I've received the above phishing email. I actually believed what was written on the email and I did click the link, typed 1/3 or my credit card number... ...

But somehow, I suddenly remembered that the seller actually sent me a photo of the package prior to sending it out and she had got my address correct. I did double check so then the parcel couldn't be sent to the wrong address.

I did a quick search online and found out that this is a common phishing trick scammers use to get your credit card details.

I'm so glad I didn't fall for it... but then ... the scary part is ...

How the hell did they know that I'm anticipating a parcel? 

Is it coincidental or is it that somehow, they can see everything I'm doing? 

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