Rant: No accident is temporary

Image Source: EHS Daily Advisor

Today I am going to "talk" (rant) about accident... Wait, I think that is not specific enough... I'm actually going to talk more of the "make-do" attitude in safety measures.

There are many areas under construction in my neighbourhood. They're expanding the MRT lines and my neighbourhood was one of the lucky ones. However, for the same reason, our area have become more dangerous.

We've a lot of reroutes, uneven and narrow "temporary roads" and sudden blockages on the roads. And many of them, there are no signs or warning beforehand. It's definitely not very safe for cyclists and I've seen some elders struggle with their "push carts" on the uneven roads.

However, whenever, I talked about the various blind-spots and danger lurking areas in the neighbourhood, I always get this response "It's temporary". I even got similar respond from LTA when I feedback to them about one of the blind-spot.

So yeah, that is the attitude towards the safety of the pedestrians and cyclists. And that is SCARY to me. I mean, there is NO temporary accident or even deaths. It's not like someone will miraculously revive or heal just because its a "temporary measure". 

If something is dangerous, it is dangerous, it won't suddenly become "temporary safe".

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