GrabFood Rant: Something interesting happened ...

What happened was, some time ago, during 3+ am, I received an order from a nearby restaurant to a few blocks away from my house.

It's a short distance to walk but I was quoted a $5. Oh well, that happens as Grab will usually sometimes pay more for Wee hours deliveries. And it's almost 3:30 am when the order came in.

Somehow, the merchant cancelled the order. Minutes later, the order came again. Same order, same location and even the same food items. (I've checked the number of items in case it's a large order)

And this time round, the order pays only $4.10.

I find it really weird. So I decided to head down to the store and collect the order. I asked the merchant who admitted he cancelled the order due to some items being sold out.

Anyway, since the order came back, he decided to accept it but asked me to call the customer to see if they accept replacement for the food items that are sold out. Unfortunately, customer wasn't responsive and all GrabFood CS (chat and hotline) are closed already. So I left a message and told customer about the replacement of food and that I'll continue with deliver if they don't respond.

Food was already prepared by the time customer responded 5 minutes later and luckily he agreed to the replacements.

What really puzzled me was, why was the first time order $5 but then quickly it reduces to $4.10? Everything was the same. Why the reduction? Does GrabFood walker's pay depreciate $0.90 in a few minutes?

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