I took the voluntary swab test for front line workers...

Well, this will just be a quick update. 

The government have provided free swab tests for front line workers, including food delivery partners. They plant carry them out nation wide and will move to different region or GRC/SMC over the pass few months.

This time round. it was located quite near to where I stay, so I headed down for a check. It's free for me anyway.

I was surprised that there is almost no one else there for the test during the timing I booked (3-4pm). You know, Singaporeans loves "free" stuffs! But granted, this free test is only for front line workers and they're usually to busy working. No work, no money.

The Swab Test

After I was registered (you need a photo ID and your delivery app, they'll need to verify that you're a food delivery worker), I was asked to head to the testing station. There, I was briefed about what they're going to do. They'll swab my throat and both my nostrils. I was also asked if I have had head or nose operations previously. 

I didn't and they went ahead.

The tester (I don't know what to call them) opened a new cotton bud and then asked me to open my mouth.

Say "AHH" loudly. You need to open your mouth large enough for them to swab the back of your tongue. It was quite deep back in there. It was uncomfortable but ended quickly so I didn't have the nauseous feeling.

I think and I must emphasis, I THINK that they use the same cotton bud and then stick into my nostril. 

What happened was, I was busy adjusting my mask because they will ask you to pull down your mask when doing the throat swab and then you've to pull your mask up to cover your mouth when doing the nostril swabs. Anyway, I didn't see it so I couldn't confirm, but I'm guessing they used the same one as I didn't hear anything like the opening of packaging.

Anyway, the nostril swab was extremely uncomfortable. They stick deep into your nostril (areas that you'll never access when you dig your nose) and then they turn the cotton butt and count to 5.

I can tell you, I almost teared when the cotton butt was stick in there. It's uncomfortable and it can trigger you to start tearing. But it's not painful, if you cna take injection, you can take the level of "pain" for this swab test.

The swab test only lasted less than 5 minutes and I was allowed to go. As I was leaving, I was given a goodie bag with 2 masks, a finger oximeter, 2 bottles of hand sanitisers.

I was feeling fine for the 10-15 minutes I was walking home. But I developed a slight running nose and headache after that. 

I cannot conclude if it's caused by the swab test or that I was tired after making a few food deliveries under the hot sun prior to taking the test. It was very hot that day. 

Anyway, it wasn't a big deal, just a slight headache and running nose that went away in an hour or so.

The next day, I was informed that I tested NEGATIVE!!



  1. Glad you're negative! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm visiting today from the Inspire Me Monday link up. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you for dropping by! I'm glad that it's negative too! But I wasn't too worried as I'm feeling well and have been following the safety precautions like wearing mask and sanitising my hands regularly.


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