Grab, can you stopped being so suspicious of everyone?

 I don't know how many people are gaming the system, I don't know how tsek ark (black heart) Grab wants to be... but please lah, just because someone waited 33 minutes at a restaurant doesn't mean they are purposely delaying time just to game the system to get the long waiting time compensation!

I've waited there for more than 40 minutes to be honest, I just didn't press that "I'm at restaurant" button the moment I got to the coffee shop zi char store. The merchant doesn't seem that busy ... so I don't see the need to press the button immediately... not until I saw 3-4 other riders (FP and Grabfood) waiting outside and a few people waiting for their dabaos. 

So I asked the staff at the merchant who quoted me 20-30 minutes. So I sat down on an empty table and waited. I guess it's a bad choice.

I was being chased from table to table twice while waiting for that order which pays only $4! And then finally, I got too paiseh, I walked outside the coffee shop and stand at the roadside.

By the 25th or 26th minutes mark, customer texted me and I told him that he needs to expect another 10-15 minutes wait. All these should all be in their record, IF they ever want to check.

I felt cheated and my time wasted on a $4 order, which I believed I would be compensated for waiting for more than 30 minutes. But nope ... so it's no wonder no riders want to take up orders from certain merchants at certain timing. And I finally figure out why some orders are left there to rot and turn cold because the rider take their own sweet time to get there. It's just not worth rushing.  

GrabFood, good luck with being niao (stingy) with compensations that you PROMISED. And also, good luck with building trust when you suspect everyone who tried to claim the compensations. 

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