I tried to get into the Treasure Zone today ...


I was our delivering food today when I was notified of a Treasure Zone starting in a location which I thought was pretty near.

I was given 9 minutes to get into the zone. So I decided that I should try, as I was feeling pretty fit and the weather is quite ok.

I only have my legs with me as a "mode of transport", no bicycle and no money or ezlink on me. So the only option is to walk. 

Actually the only option is to jog and breeze walk. If you walk like you're shopping, then don't even bother. 

I'm badly equipped for this journey because I'm wearing sandals and have the mask on (ok, everyone does). 

I'm not proud of this, but I've to jaywalk, break a few traffic rules (run across the road with less than 10 seconds left on the counter), took my mask off because I'm panting too much and jogged for a large part of the journey.

And still, the zone expired when I was just about 500-600 meters away from it! I was already at the block opposite the edge of the zone. WTF right?

Anyway, after that I made my way home. I've no interest to get into that zone if not for the treasure zone. 

While I was walking back I googled the distance between where I received the notification and the edge of the zone. It's 1.7 meters and google map quoted 22 minutes to get there by foot.

I don't think I'll ever try to get into treasure zones again unless it's somewhere nearer or more time is given... or perhaps it's that I'm not fit enough? But anyway, too tiring and too much rushing. 

I cannot imagine how many rules does one needs to break just to rush into the zones within the given timeframe, especially for those who are on the road. It's dangerous and calling for accidents to happen.

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