Starting a YouTube channel is not easy

I started a YouTube channel about a month ago. 

I started it out for fun, but of course I do wish that people would discover and enjoy my videos. But then, hmm ... I think no one cares.

I mean I've uploaded about 10 videos (mainly shorts and short horror animations) and most of them have less than 20 views, and 0-2 likes. I've not share my channel on social media so that could be a reason.

Anyway, contrary to what most believe that being a YouTuber is easy, like just filming with your phone and uploading ... erm, no. But of course, it could be just me. There is probably someone who have the luck, topic and charm to get noticed right away.

Well, apparently, there are some research that shows for a channel to gain 1k subscribers, the average videos uploaded by that channel is 150+. So maybe I'm still a long way to go.

Anyway, just in case you're wondering what is needed to get started as a YouTuber?

Well, you just need a phone or some imaging/illustration programs (if you're into making animations), video editing programs, time and creativity.

Oh wait, you need music and sound (effects)! And these are the hardest to get!

YouTube is very strict about copyrights and if you're just using random music you find online, you'll probably get copyright claims and you can't monetize that video or not have it public altogether.

But don't worry, YouTube have a small library of music and sound effects that you can download and use. They're free to use and non-copyrighted.

As of how to get notice on YouTuber? I've no idea. I've followed some "tips" that says "short" (videos in vertical format and less than 60 seconds) are a good way to gain exposure and subscribers fast. But so far, that didn't work for me.

Anyway, if you're curious about my channel, you can drop by it here:

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