How much can a GrabFood Walker earn if they only work for the brunch and dinner shifts


Well, it has been one week into 2022. I know I've yet to wish you all a Happy New Year, so Happy Belated New Year 2022!

Erm, well, as I always mentioned that fitness is a huge factor for a delivery person. And unfortunately, I actually sprained my back this weekend. I don't know why and how it happened but it seems that accumulated fatigue have taken its toll.

Anyways, I wasn't chiong-ing a lot over the past week, but I did tried to chiong a bit more for the Team Mission (during end December), which we unfortunately didn't managed to get any prize. Only the Top 5 will win cash prize. We did have our chances; we were in the top 4 during the first week (my Tean was chionging the weekends) but then 4 of them stopped working during the weekdays. So, it was me and another guy, he chionged all the way from start to end (salute!). Too bad, we couldn't stopped the others from taking over us. And they did not only take over us, but went miles ahead. We ended up in 6th place.

Anyways, after the team mission ended, I was working daily for 2 time slots, 11:00 (or 12) to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00. I realised that between 14:00-17:30 (sometimes even 18:00), there are lesser orders. I aimed for just 30 trips per weekday (to get the Bonus from Weekday Quest), so I do 6-7 orders per day, taking things slow. Although there will be days whereby getting 6 orders is quite a challenge, be it physically or that there is no orders at all.

I didn't try to get the weekend quest (have to complete 15 orders) so I just do 6-8 orders for the weekends. 

Anyways, straight to the point, 43 orders over a full week, you can expect to earn about $225 if you at least hit the weekday quest! If not it'll just be $200.

You'll probably be wondering why I say $200 instead of $205 as shown? Well, that is because I've gotten a few "Spot Bonus" which they give out during rainy days in the zones that rained. Meaning, you get $2 (sometimes $3) more per order, if you deliver in the rain. 

But please take note it'll only be awarded IF Grab announce on their Official Telegram. So please don't see rain then you go out deliver, expecting to be awarded Spot Bonus! LOL.

So yeah, that's pretty much what  I can share about working as a GrabFood Walker. Or maybe, I'll throw in another 'tip' or perhaps it's more like "warning". :p

If you decided to start working as a delivery partner for Grab, do take note that Grab will always side the customer. Which means, if they complain, Grab will immediately take action against you without even investigating.

I've joined a GrabFood Facebook group and there are quite a number of complains from riders that Grab would just deduct money from their account IF customer complain.

The most common complain is that customer complained that their food wasn't delivered. If Grab received such complain they'll immediately deduct at least the delivery fee from your account. Sometimes, they might even deduct the food cost from your account! (meaning if the customer order  
$30 worth of food, then be prepared to work for free for the day!)

The 2nd most common complain is food spillage. Well, this can't be helped. There will always be some spillage, unless you're going really slow. Most customers are forgiving people, so if the spillage is little, they'll not complain. But if you spilled half a cup of bubble tea then the customer is bound to complain.

What will happen then if you got complained for food spillage? 

Yes, deduction of delivery fee and the cost of food! So if you're delivering something with liquid that cost A BOMB, please get down from your vehicle (unless you're delivering in car) and walk at 20-30cm/sec.

There are a few riders that appealed, because there are actually cheapskate customers who just wanted to get free food by claiming they didn't receive their order. Grab would ask for evidence, which most riders won't have.

So, some veterans actually suggested taking photo of as many orders as possible and for orders that customer request to be left outside at the door, message customer in the chat and printscreen as proof. (Yes, you might need to get a Harddisk to save all these evidences for weeks). 

But do be careful though, not everyone is willing to let you photograph them/their house without consent and I'm pretty sure Grab is not going to back you up if customer is unhappy about that. 

Well, that's all folks!!

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