Joule Cell Rechargeable Battery by Gosh!

I know most electronics now comes with rechargeable batteries. However, most remotes are still powered by batteries. Although these batteries aren't expensive, they can still add up.

As for me, I'm playing Fatal Frame on my Wii (I know its old, but I WANT TO finish the game) and my wiinote eats up AA battery like a hungry monster. (Say, about 2 every 2-4 days)

SO I started searching online for an "solution" and I finally found the Joule Cell by Gosh!  They cost SG$1.90 per box!!

Joule Cell

NiMH (nickel metal hydride)1.2V AA Size (Comes with AAA size too, but the AAA ones I got was slightly rusty and defective ... but I'm too lazy to go down and get it change)
Charging Current: 5V/1100mAh
Charging Time: 8.5 hrs
LED Indicator: Red for charging; Blue when done charging 

In the box, they included a USB charging cable with 2 micro USB outputs and of course 2 AA batteries. (This cost SG$1.90!)

 In the picture above, I compared it to the usual AA battery. It look almost exactly like the usual AA battery and fits nicely into my Wiimote; the only different is that it has the micro USB charging port.

My own Experience:

After 9 hours of charging, the LED Indicator is still red, so I stopped charging, popped them into my Wiimote and it shows battery bar is full. So I guess its a faulty indicator.

I've used the batteries on my Wiimote and played for about 3-4 hours (total) on and off over a few days. There was about 2 bars of battery life left (as stated on my Wii when I check the battery level) After which, I left the batteries in the remote for about 3 days without using.

The next time I went back to play, the batteries were dead and I've to charge them.


- Economical
- Design is not too bad
- "Cheap" (unfortunately the $1.90 promotion ended and the batteries are now about $9-10 for a pair)

- Quite hot to touch after few hours of charging
- long charging time
- Drains/lose charge pretty fast

Overall score: 2.5/5.


  1. Thanks for dropping by, Ash. :)

  2. Hi Hiby. Could you advise which rechargeable battery is suitable for wiimote?

    1. I think you're better off with a cheap alkaline non-rechargeable batteries. Else, Energizer or Panasonic rechargeable batteries are good choices. I got the Doublepow rechargeable batteries, they are ok but used up pretty fast and then become un-chargeable within a year.


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