Doublepow Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries and Charger Review


I've mentioned about how my Wiimotes are "eating up" batteries like a hungry monster and that I've got the Gosh! JouleCell Rechargeable Batteries(click for review) in attempt to save some money be more environmental friendly. But the JouleCell batteries proved to be not so efficient in solving the problem.

So I went and got some rechargeable batteries online and I found Doublepow. I ordered:

4x1100mAh AAA (size 7) batteries (Model:DP-AAA1100mAh)

4x2700mAh AA (size 5) batteries (Model: DP-AA2700mAh)

Translation same as the picture above. Except for the model.

2x1000mAh (size 5) batteries (comes free with charger) (Model: DP-AA1000mAh)

 1x2 slots USB powered charger (Model: DP-U21)

These items cost me about RMB85, which is about SG$17-18. This is of course excluding the shipment. (Shipment is about SG$7).

According to the description, these batteries should be able to last at least a 1000 charges. But we'll never know.

My experience:

I've actually used the batteries (AAA) for more than 3 months now and that's about how long these AAA batteries last on a "smart" digital alarm clock that runs on 3 batteries before I need to charge them again. I've since replaced the batteries with non-rechargeable batteries and I'll update about how long they last.

The AA batteries are hardly used because I've to keep my Wii away when my block was selected for compulsory upgrading. Now it's rotting in my storeroom. But I did use them on a handheld "sewing" machine which runs on 4 AA batteries and they drive the machine powerfully. I also used the 1000mAh ones on my TV remote and they are still running strong after 2 weeks.

The charger, however, was a slight disappointment. The LED indication is faulty and it doesn't cut off when the batteries are fully charged. It'll just shows a red light and there is no way I could tell if the charging is complete. I've also find out that there are others with similar problem. The cable and "connection point" also feels flimsy, I fear how long it can last.


- Rechargeable
- Price is rather cheap
- High capacity
- Last for 1000 charges (but I doubt so)

- Light weight, portable
- USB charger so no need for plug and can charge on computer
- Charges both AA and AAA batteries


- Slightly heavier than normal batteries of same size.

- No clear indication of charging status
- Looks cheap
- Feels flimsy (especially the cable)  
- Slow charging (It'll take over 9 hours to fully charge a 1100mAh AAA battery and over 20 hours for a 2700mAh AA battery)

 Overall score: 3/5.


  1. Hi,

    You have provided a very informative review on these batteries as well as the chargers, especially after using it for such a long time. Thank you so much for this review, 3.5 is a decent score but it would be ambiguous to vouch for it. We also do the review stuff of amazon products here on <a href=">Review Cart</a>, let us know your thoughts on the same. Thanks.

    1. Hi, thank you for dropping by.
      You site is a great site to view product reviews!
      I think it would help readers/consumers a lot!
      I'll add you to my link exchange!

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