My addiction to online shopping has died down, and I'm so glad that it did. I haven't been buying anything online after the Christmas Sales. However, this is not the main problem why I haven't updated for a long time.

The problem has always been motivation. I am not motivated to do much. But I do want to keep this blog running, at least till the expiration of my Domain contract.

I'll work things out...maybe I'll be reviewing other things (I love music, movies and dramas) or just be sharing my thoughts on different things.

Well, that is all for now. Good day, everyone.

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  1. Yes, please add me. Thanks. Did you know I also have a Link Exchange? Thank you for linking to my site and for the shout out. I received traffic from your site today. Janice

    1. You're welcome. I've requested to be link to your site too.
      Good day. :)


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