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Random Gifs...

Well, I was in the mood of making some animated gifs... This time, I picked Ling Sui as my character and did a few expression and "reactions".
The Normal Set
When she is happy and her normal self

The Angry Set Now she is not so happy

The Defensive Set She is angry and defensive

Back to Normal... S…
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Happy Halloween!!

My family doesn't celebrate Halloween, so I don't have much Halloween crafts or stories to share... But that doesn't stop me from... making greeting "card" for the wonderful day!
Instead of the usually greeting cards, I did an animated Gif! I hope you like it!

This is probably early bu…
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Animated Gifs

I just made these of out fun so that I could use them on Whatsapp... What do you think about them?
Eating gif is a must!!

 Just a side not, I don't laugh like this... 
  Something I never do...
  Jing Sweet Ah meanings so beautiful!!

NB is bad words/vulgarity so I won't translate...
What we feel da…
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