My Experience as a Parcel Walker with World Marketing Group (WMG)

I have probably mentioned that I am working as a Parcel Walker, and I'm with them for about 4-5 months now. I've received 4 payments from them and now I would like to share my experience.

What is Parcel Walker

Parcel Walker as the name suggest, is a program that you deliver parcels by foot, around your neighbourhood. You'll get paid for every parcel you deliver.

To join, you can visit their website: and fill in the registration form. You'll then be asked to go for a training session in their office somewhere in Ubi.

I attended their training sometime during October last year. The place is quite accessible (with bus stops and MRT within walking distance), but depends on how much you like to walk - it can easily take up to 15-20 minutes to walk from nearest MRT (Macpherson MRT).

The training is compulsory, because there is where you get to download the app, register an account, give your particulars and bank account (Note you need to bring your NRIC and bank account details). You'll be given a landyard at the end of the training and you're officially a part of their team. They've mentioned about a company vest, but I've never gotten it so maybe they abandoned the idea already. Who knows.

The content of the training? Bleh, I actually forget almost everything by the time I started.

It's not because I didn't pay attention, but:

  1. They've changed the requirements and SOP a few times
  2. It was a good 3-4 months wait before I was given the first job.
Initially I thought they are going to drop me from their team, because they've sent me jobs a few times (I received the Whatsapp to deliver) and then cancelled it at last minute! Honestly, that left a bad taste in my mouth because I was waiting and anticipating.

The App

The application is available on both iOS and Android, so no one is left out. It's straight forward and orgainsed, so you should have no problem using it. Furthermore, they'll guide you through everything during the training. The only downside is that, you'll need data plan/connection for it to work.

How it work.

  1. You received Whatsapp and/or SMS that you'll have delivery jobs for a certain day. The jobs will be in your CONFIRMED tab in the app. This means, you cannot reject a job. However, you can contact them if you cannot make the delivery. (Note that no matter what time you get the parcels, they MUST BE delivered by 11PM that day)

    I'm not sure if that affects you in anyway, but they make it quite clear that anyone who frequently reject jobs will end up with lesser job. But mind you, jobs are little already, at least in my area!

  2. Next, you wait! Yes, you wait for the driver to drop the bag of parcels at your door. Yes, they'll tied the parcels to your metal door at random time, it's never a specific time, so you'll never know! You can only HOPE no ones takes them if you're not home. (And it's kinda funny because their SOP says, walkers can NEVER leave parcels at doorsteps even if clients agree to it)

    When I join, delivery times are weekdays but then I was recently told I've to deliver on weekends too! And honestly, I don't enjoy delivering on weekend! Who knows when the driver is coming with the parcel. But so far I only receive parcel to deliver on weekends once and the driver was kind enough to come early morning so I can plan my day!

  3. When you get your parcels already, scan them with the app and they'll be moved to the "IN PROGRESS" tab. There you can see the details of the parcel, including weight and recipient details (phone number, address etc). And there is a SIGN button at the top for them to sign on your phone when done.

  4. There is another set of things to do when no one was home to receive. You've to call them, if no one pick up, fail the delivery. After that you need to fill in a Failed Delivery slip which is to be slipped under the door. Next, you've to snap a picture of the unit number and the failed delivery slip and upload into the app.

    You've to keep the parcel and reattempt delivery when the recipient contacts you. You should have no problem with re-delivery as, well, it'll be within your neighbourhood. If the 2nd delivery also fail then you can return the parcel to the driver (I don't know how, it haven't happen to me yet).

Ok, now we got through the boring part., it's time for the "fun" (or disappointing?) part - The Pay!!


The pay have been revised quite recently and it's as follow:

  • $0.50 for small parcels 0-1kg.
  • $1.00 for parcels 1.1-3kg
  • $1.50 for parcels 3.1-5kg
  • $2.00 for parcels 5.1-10kg

The list goes on, but then, from my personal experience, parcel above 2 kg is RARE, super rare. As rare as electric bills going down instead of raising.

On my best month, I can get 1-2 parcel a day, for say 8-9 days a MONTH. So yeah, that is like about 16 parcels or $8/month. On the not-so-good months then its like 8-10 parcels or $4-5/month.

But of course, this could be the problem with my area (where they call it the "old" area with more elders). And elders doesn't really trust technology; my dad is a good example of one. He is quite, well actually VERY resistant to online shopping and even food delivery. It's quite funny how he urge me to take up more delivery jobs


They pay via bank GIRO and is on monthly basis. They're quite on time on salary and if they've problems, they'll inform you about it. So far there is only once that they have problem. But I'm quite satisfy about how they handle it - instead of pushing blame or just keeping quiet about it, they're upfront about their (technical)problem and then proceed to pay out whatever they've done/calculated and then release the rest in the following month.

My views

I do enjoy being a Parcel Walker. It's good exercise for lazy bums like me. The pay is little but well, just enough to treat yourself and your family coffee shop coffee (not enough for Starbucks or Bubble tea).

As for whether it's a good side income ... It's really up to individual.


  • Easy to do
  • Own time, own target 
  • Short distance, within neighbourhood only
  • App available on both iOS and Android
  • App is straight forward and organised
  • Contact person is friendly and approachable 
  • Pays on time, mostly.


  • Physical Job, so may not be for everyone
  • Pay is little
  • Number of jobs varies depending on cluster/location 
  • Need smartphone and data plan/connection
  • Expect changes in their SOP and system
  • No bonus or royalty program


  1. Hi thanks for this informative post. I would like to know if there's an option where you can make yourself available? Like if you want to work from Monday to Wednesday only then you indicate on the app? Or you have to always be readily available to receive the parcel?

    I was interested in this job because it seems like an own time own target job but until I saw that I have to be readily available...

    1. Hi,

      To be honest, the system have changed a few times, so my information might not be 100% updated. But I'll answer you as well as I can, from my experience.

      In my opinion, Yes, they'll assume that you're always available to receive the parcel if you did not inform them beforehand you're not available to work. I've encountered once that they did not message me the day before but parcels turned up on my gate. After which I checked the app and saw I've delivery job for that day.

      Also, there is no option to choose from the app the days you're available to work. They expect you to inform them via WhatsApp.

      I hope this answer your question, if it doesn't, I suggest you try and contact WMG.

      have a nice day. :)


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