KZ ED16 Triple Driver Earphone Review


Product Name: KZ ED16  In-ear Earphone

Brand: KZ

Model:   ED16

Earphone type: In-ear

Impedance: 8Ω

Earphone sensitivity: 98dB/mW

Frequency range: 20-40000Hz

Plug Type: L curved

Cable Length: 1.2m±3cm

With cable: Yes

With mic: Optional

Can replace cable: Yes (2pins 0.75mm)
Drivers: 1 DD 2BA





The KZ is known for their simplistic packaging that just fits and protect what is to be contained, without all the flare and hu-ha.I've no problem with this, as well, the earphones are the ones that I care about.


Although I don't mind a simple packaging, I do kinda mind that the earphone comes with almost no accessories except for 2 pairs of replacement earbuds. SERIOUSLY, Not even a pouch!?




These earphones fit really nice in my ears and they're very comfortable. The earhooks is of memory cable that can be adjusted to fit my ears. I very much prefer the adjustable earhooks as most generic ones don't really fit my ears that much.

I know most people prefers angled plugs over straight plugs because a straight plug puts more strain on the jack. However, I'm not sure I'm affected by this because I'm using an lightning to 3.5mm adaptor cable hence my earphone jack is "free to swing".

The cable has this silicon and rubbery feel that I don't really like. Plus it feels weak and flimsy. I also don't really like its design. But the reason I hated it the most - it tangles ALOT! It tangles "all way round", in a way that the earhooks tangles with the cable while the thinner (left/right cable tangles with each other. It takes quite some efforts to un-tangle them as the earhooks just hooks up to something else during the process!

The 2 pins connectors are made of plastic casing. They're tight and holds the earbuds firmly.

The Y-spilt is made of plastic but seems sturdy enough and it have extra stress-relief.

As for the microphone, I love that the button is clicky and works well with my iPhone.


Bass - Surprisingly the bass was much better than I expected. Although it's not the most energetic, it was very much present, lively and reasonably deep enough. But obviously, won't be for bass lovers.

Mids and High - Love the clarity and crispness. The female vocal sounds really sweet and pleasant in the songs I enjoy.

Noise Isolation & Microphone

I tried this on a short 20 minute bus ride home and I'm not satisfy with the noise isolation. Noise isolation is ...not too good. I can be on 40-60% volume on my iPhone and I can still hear quite some of ambience noises.

The microphone, on the other hand is quite clear and picks up vocal quite well. Conversation while shopping outside is definitely possible.


- Comfortable
- Adjustable earhooks
- Y-spilt seems strong and protected
- Angled plug
- Mids and high
- Cheap (I bought this for SG$18)

- Little accessories
- Cable feels flimsy and is ugly
- Cable tangles too easily
- Bass is not as energetic but not too bad
- Noise isolation isn't that good. 

Overall score: 4.5/5 Microphone: 4/5

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