15x vs 20x Macro Lens: Does more magnifying factor means better?

Before I go into the comparison between the 2 lenses, I'd like to introduce a new lens which I recently bought online. I know I said I don't really enjoy carrying the lenses around nor are they very convenient to use, but I recently was back into Macro photography again. I just love the details when you get close.

Anyway, let's get back to topic.

The lenses doesn't have a brand but the packaging looks quite ok, other than its a little squashed during delivery. This lens cost me about SG$12.

The lenses came with a huge and solid protective case with sponge inside that prevents the lenses from moving around hence reducing chances of them bumping around.

The lenses are huge and quite heavy, especially when compared to my previous ones. About how well it works and how easy its to use, I'll talk about it in the comparison below.

15X Vs 20X Macro Lens

Both the 15X and 20X lenses that I use in this comparison doesn't have a brand to them. They're probably some cheaper Chinese knock-off but I can assure that they're at least of acceptable quality and can take nice photos.

Focal Length

First, I'd like to mention that the reason why I wanted to get a new 20x macro lens is because the 15x one requires you to get close enough to get a sharp image. Also, it has a very narrow view.

The 20x macro is advertise to have more focal length, and larger view. And now I'm going to test that out.

Note: Distance is gauged with a ruler and could have some discrepancy.

Object 5cm away from lens

15x lens
20x lens

Object 3cm away from lens

15x lens
20x lens

Object 2cm away from lens

15x lens
20x lens

Object 1cm away from lens

15x lens
20x lens

As you can see the 20x lens does well at 5cm but it cannot capture the details as well when it comes to closer distance.

Weight, Size and Ease of Use

Weight (plus casing)

15x lens
20x lens
Less than 47g

Diameter of Lens

15x lens
20x lens

Ease of Aligning Lens

15x lens
20x lens

I've slight difficulty aligning the 15x lens to my phone camera even when it's clipper has the circle "carved out" for easier alignment. So it's no surprise that I had a much harder time trying to align the 20x lens which clipper is so wide and doesn't carve out the circle for alignment.


To be honest, this is quite difficult. I enjoy the longer focal length and slightly larger view of the 20x lens however it's bulky and heavier to carry around. I guess in the end it all boils down to how much detail and how close you want to get to the subject.

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