KZ ED16 Stock Cable Vs BQEYZ C1 Cable Vs Brandless Cable with Controller

I don't really like the stock cable that came with my KZ ED16. I think it feels flimsy and I don't really like the design. So I went and got myself 2 replacement cables for different purposes.

1) BQEYZ C1 Cable which comes with Mic

2) A random, brandless cable that comes with Mic and volume control that I got from Shopee. (It's the only one within my budget that comes with volume control)

I tested all of them out and did a simple comparison to help me decide which I should use for my music. Just in case you're wondering how I test them out, I used an audio split and listened to one cable on each ear.

So now, let's get going!! 

Oh wait! 

Before that, I need to remind your that I'm no professional and this is just for fun.

The plug

KZ BQEYZ C1 Brandless
Angled Angled, Silver plated Angled, gold plated
TPE with Strain relief Metal with Strain relief TPE with Strain relief

All 3 cables comes with L-shape angled plug which I personally prefers. The BQEYZ C1 would stand out here because out its metal casing.


KZ BQEYZ C1 Brandless
Silicon, rubbery feel Braided Braided, PVC
~124cm ~120cm ~118cm

 To be honest, none of the cables feel really strong. Although the braided cable looks stronger and cooler, the left and right cables are actually quite thin, even thinner than the KZ's.


KZ BQEYZ C1 Brandless
Silicon, Strain Relief on
Top and bottom
Braided, Strain Relief on
bottom only
Braided, Strain Relief on
Top and bottom

The brandless cable and the KZ have similar design and material for the Y-split, but the KZ one looks more polished while the brandless one have longer stress reliefs. The BQEYZ C1 lags strain relief on the top which make it lose out to the other 2.

Mic/Volume Control

KZ BQEYZ C1 Brandless

Answer Call Answer Call Volume control,
Answer Call
On Right Cable On Left Cable On Right Cable
Plastic Casing Metal Casing Plastic Casing

This is obviously an unfair comparison! The brandless cable would stand out because of its extra function - Volume control! I've tried the controller, it works well with my iPhone.


KZ BQEYZ C1 Brandless

Memory, adjustable Memory, not adjustable Memory, not
Stiff Soft Soft

Surprsingly, the BQEYZ C1 and brandless cable have the better comfortability and fit. It's not the that KZ one is not good but its a little stiff and harder to bend it to the shape and angle that is ideal. The BQEYZ C1 and the brandless one just curve around the ear when I put it on, no adjustment needed!


KZ BQEYZ C1 Brandless

Bass is strong and punchy Has the most boomy bass,
more "vibrations" felt
Similar with KZ
- - -

There is actually not much audio differences. The KZ and the brandless cable are very similar sounding. The only differences I notice is that the BQEYZ C1 perform slightly better than the other 2 in some songs that have deeper bass. I felt a little more "vibrations" from it and bass may sound a little more energetic.


KZ BQEYZ C1 Brandless
Design - Flimsy cable

- The colour really doesn't appeal to me
- Braided looks cool!

- Small connector, harder to plug in.

- Braided looks cool!

- Connector casing is thicker, making it easier to plug in.
Comfort Comfortable but have to readjust if you tag it accidentally. Comfortable, no need to adjust. Flexible earhook wraps round your ears. Comfortable, no need to adjust. Flexible earhook wraps round your ears.
Sound Good overall Has slightly better bass. Good overall
Price ~$7 ~$8 ~$6
Microphone Yes Yes Yes
Volume Control No No Yes

In the end, it all goes down to what you're looking for, as each cable have its own merits. For thsoe who prefers better music, especially for the bass, it's obvious that the BQEYZ C1 cable work be a better choice. For those who are always on the go and prefers not to reach into their pockets to adjust the volume, then the one with volume control is the best choice.

For me, I went with the one with volume control as that is what I need for now.

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