The 3 months Tummy-Flattening Challenge! 5th August Update

It has been more than a week since I last updated about this challenge. Well, I haven't really been "on target". There are 2 days which I didn't even hit the "bare minimum" of 2 exercise. I just did one, although I did more times than usually.

I know that is no excuse, but I ended up messing up my sleeping/waking time because of the Daihatsu Yonex Japan Open 2019. I was watching the semi-finals and finals live stream in Youtube with my family. Well, I think its worth it, but then I got too tired to do what I was suppose to.

For that 2 days, I only did 30 Leg Lifts and nothing else.

But for the rest of the days, I did at least 2 exercises per day. I realised that I tend to do more of Leg Lifts and the plank and did lesser of Sit-ups and Mountain Climbers!

I guess its much easier to do Leg Lifts and Plank as I can do them easily in my room without making much noises or needing any extra help. (Yes, I sometimes does these at night)

I did a short walk of about 2.9km during one of the days. I wasn't planning to time it because it was impromptu. My mum and I decided to go catch some Pokemons, LOL. I think we walked for about 1.5 hours, covering about 2.9km, according to my egg distance.

The plank is still very demanding for me and I struggle to go beyond 70 seconds so I stick with 1 minute. I've been doing at least 20 leg lifts daily and I plan to increase the minimum for this.

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