The 3 months Tummy-Flattening Challenge! 25 August Update: Apology & Parcel Walker update.

I have to apologise because I've missed 3 days of exercise. I was overseas and we're out for long hours (walking or on the car) almost everyday. When we got back to the hotel, I was too tired and lazy to move... so yeah, obviously I wasn't in the mood to exercise.

Well, I did managed to force myself into doing 60 seconds of The Plank on the last 2 days (because my tummy was really bulging!) but I'm still way behind.

I gained about 0.3-0.4kg during the trip because we're eating good and I was drinking LOTS of bubble tea!!

Now, I've decided that I need to add Burpees into my routine. So now, I increase the "minimum" to 3 exercises and Burpees must be included! I plan to do 10 of them first and then slowly work my way up.

Also, I've signed up for Grabfood, hopefully that could help get me moving more.

Parcel Walker Update

I actually didn't want to talk about this incident anymore since its passed, but since I've started about it (here), I don't want to leave things hanging.

While I was on my trip, my IC WhatsApp me apologising that she had just seen my message and asked if there is anyone home so that she could collect the parcels. But since I was overseas and with limited (crappy) internet connections, I didn't manage to respond quickly to her.

I only responded to her 1-2 days after, informing her that the parcels were already delivered and that she should help update that on the system (the parcels are still shown as "failed").

She didn't respond and the parcels had already disappeared from the system. I wasn't too keen to push her to find out what happened and if they've captured the delivery with the poor connection. I can just hope they did get captured.

Anyway, that's the update about the No-respond issue.

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