My 5 days experience as a GrabFood walker.

I'd want to include this in my 3 months Tummy-Flattening Challenge, because I've joined GrabFood as a walker. So now I'm walking around MUCH more (Parcel Walker + GrabFood)

What is it like to work as a walker for GrabFood?

From my 5 days experience with them, I came to a few conclusions:

1) You need to be quite fit to earn as a walker or even cyclist.
2) You must learn to use map application! (unless you know your area super well)
3) Meticulous when collecting the food.

At first I thought it won't be too difficult, as I've experience with Parcel Walker. But I was soo wrong!

It's MUCH MORE tiring than Parcel Walker, because now, I've to go "2 ways".

1) Collect food from restaurant
2) Sent to the person who ordered
3) There is a 60 minutes time limit once food is collected.

Distance from restaurant to recipient can be about 1-2km. (Update: I've received orders that are 2.2+km! Walk till my legs ...) And you must delivery within 60 minutes after food is picked up!

Of course, they usually won't make you walk very far but well, you must factor in the time you need to find the place. I'm on 3G and sometimes the map is so slow to load and update my location! I just get constant "Rerouting..."

So after my first trip, I decided to use my old bicycle to cut down some time and save some energy. But I was wrong again!

There are many constructions going around my area, so some roads are blocked and there are many uphills! I've a hard time going up hill and my thighs are aching a lot from that! Honestly, it still goes down to one thing - fitness!

However, to be fair, I did cut down a lot of time and I did get to rest my legs when I was going downhill! But if you ask me if its less tiring on bicycle, I'll say NO. At least it's not the case for me.

How much did I earn?

Firstly, I must say that I started with -$50 in my account as I've to pay $50 deposit for the bags and shirts. I guess most of the walkers started with that and we work to pay off our debts... sadly.

Update: With effect from 31 October 2019, GrabFood Delivery-Partner applicants will have to purchase the GrabFood gear package in order to be activated as a GrabFood Delivery-Partner.

To be very honest, I'm a lazy person, so I wasn't turning on my app (being available for receiving orders) a lot. Let's just say, I turn it on in the evening (after 15:30) and waited at home for orders till 01:00-02:00. (When there is no job, I can do whatever I want)

For my first day, I received no job at all. And then on the 2nd day, I received 1 order when I was in my father's car, so I didn't accept it. (Oh by the way, remember to off the app when you're not ready to deliver! Because missing jobs can cause your Acceptance Rate (AR) to drop! A 80% AR is needed to get qualified for Quest, which give Gems. Gems can be converted to cash.)

On the 3rd day, I did 1 job, which paid me $4.50. I missed 1 order because I once again, forget to turn the app off. So my AR dropped  to 50%. -_-"

The 4th day, I did 2 jobs (one was at midnight) and one during dinner time, and earned $9.92.

On the 5th day, I did 2 jobs too (both after midnight) and earned $9.60 plus 2 gems. (I decided to try for the Quest which I must hit at least 8 trips)

Now that I decided to join the Quest (if my AR stays over 80%), I can get extra cash from gems and if I hit 8 gems (which is 8 orders) within the weekend, I can get $10 bonus and $25 if I hit 15 gems. (Btw, I think 15 trips is out of the question for me)

There is also the Zone Boost whereby you can get $0.05 for every gem your earn if you hit a minimum of 40 gems during the peak hours (11:00-14:59 and 17:00-20:59). 40 gems is quite easy to hit because these are the peak hours

Grab has removed the Zone Boost in most area for walkers starting 7th October 2019. Walkers now only enjoy Zone Boost in the Downtown area.

I belongs to the Central zone which can earn me 20 gems a trip during peak hours like Lunch and Dinner, on weekdays. I think I can hit the requirement quite easily if I work just a little harder. But of course that also depends if I was given any orders.

There is much for me to learn about their Quests and Zone Boost, but I'm confident that if I do complete either one, I can easily payoff the $50 debt!


  1. Hi there, I am interested in being a grabfood walker. I'm curious though, how much is the trip fare usually?

    1. Hi Samantha,

      Sorry for the late respond, but I can't really tell you how much is the trip fare. I can only say, it's usually above $3.00. I've also updated a a new post about how much you can expect to earn (with screenshots of trip fares), you can take a look if you're interested.

      Hope you have a nice day.

  2. Do you use the walker sling bag for the delivery? Looks very bulky.

    1. Yes and no. The bag is indeed bulky and quite heavy on its own.


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