WMG Parcel Walker: New payment scheme?

I've mentioned previously that I think Parcel Walker probably have a new payment system but I've to wait and see if my guess is correct.

Well, I've to say this upfront, that this is my own GUESSWORK and ASSUMPTION. So do not come blaming me if it's not the case for you. You can however, let me know that I'm wrong and I can edit the information accordingly so as to not mislead others.

Well, I've realised during April this year, that perhaps they're not paying per parcel anymore, but they're actually paying per trip. Which means, no matter how many parcels you've to deliver per trip (per day), you'll get the same amount.

I derive to this conclusion by checking through my previous 3 payment (May, June and July).

Here is the breakdown of my working days for June and July.

I've jobs for 9 days for both month, hence I got SG$72 for both month. From this, we can calculate that the pay per trip (day) is SG$8! Which is not bad at all!

Another thing, you probably noticed that I've cancelled out July 21st on the list. I don't actually have a delivery job on that day, but I did a re-delivery the next day as per the recipient request. They've recorded the re-delivery under the 21st but I wasn't paid for it. So I guess I can assume they no longer pay for re-delivery, which actually seems fair UNLESS they are cramping many parcels in a day.

To be honest, I'm fine with their new system as I'm being paid more. However, I hope they don't cramp too many parcels in a day.

Once again, these are just my assumptions and observations!

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