Some of the Weird Orders and Trivia of Food Delivery (GrabFood)

This is just a short and quick update. It's about GrabFood again, since I plan to hit the minimum for the Quests for both Weekdays and Weekends, if possible. 

Anyway, a quick breakdown. 

Weekday Quest 

You need to hit a minimum of 15 trips (over 5 days, Mon-Fri) to qualify. 15 trips will earn you a $20 bonus and 25 trips will earn you $35 bonus. 

I've already mentioned about the Weekend Quest in my previous post, but I'm going to include them here still.

Weekend Quest

You need a minimum of 8 trips to qualify. 8 Trips gives you $10 bonus and 15 trips gives you $25 bonus.

I'm also aiming for the Zone Boost, and will try to hit the minimum qualifying of 40 gems (2 trips for my Zone). So I choose the timeslots which will earn me both!

Anyway, I'm doing a lot more GrabFood orders than I initially planned to. And then I came across some really interesting orders and "trends".

1) If you're near McDonald's or live near one ...
I actually live quite near to a McDonald's and then there is one day that I've gotten almost all of my orders from them! It's 5/5 orders from McDonald's at the time of this capture! It's no wonder that GrabFood recommend that you head to the nearest McDonald's if you're not receiving much orders!

2) Remove everything eaters!

These were from 3 different eaters/orders. It seems like they've similar taste! They just want the bun and meat, with nothing else!

McChicken without the McChicken Sauce... hmm...

Some people really just want Cheese and Burger (Bun) ...

3) Tuesday is the Black Tuesday!

Tuesday seems to be the slowest day. I only received 2 orders after waiting for 5 hours! I nearly miss my Zone Boost because there is almost no orders during the peak timeslots.

I happen to meet another man doing GrabFood delivery too and he also commented that Tuesday is his worst day. He had waited more 2 hours without any orders!

But you can expect most weekdays except Monday to be quite slow.

Anyway, a quick update on The 3 Months Tummy-Flattening Challenge, I'm actually putting it on-hold. I really have not much energy and "muscle-power" to do those exercises daily after walking for at least 4-5km delivery food! Since I started taking GrabFood more seriously, there was only 2 days which I did exercise for the challenge! I did only one - leg lift.

But I'll update at the end of 3 months if I've cut down some belly fats or did I get fitter from being a GrabFood walker.

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