GrabFood Update: I paid off my $50 debt after completing weekend Quest and Zone Boost!

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm not a very hardworking person, so I didn't do much delivery per day.

However, I was attracted to their incentives (Quest and Zone Boost) and I decided to try and achieve them for the first time. Also, I know that if I complete my Weekend Quest of 8 trips, I'd most probably paid off my $50 debt!

I started with -$25.98 in my account and 2 trips (2 trips = 2 gems). These were from the midnight deliveries I did on Friday.

So my goal was to do another 6 trips to qualify for the 8 gems $10.00 bonus. From my experience, I can get a minimum of $4.50/trip, which means after 6 trips, I'll most likely clear my debts!

I didn't really chiong like mad. I completed 2 orders(trips) after I had breakfast with my family. This is the peak period of 11:00-14:59 and I earned 20 gems per order. So that means I already qualify for Zone Boost as I hit the minimum of 40 gems.

And then I got home and took a nap ... after which I woke up at the next peak hours, 17:00-20:59. I did 4 orders (trips) and I earned another 80 gems. After these 4 orders(trips), I finally break the negative and hit my 8 (trip) to qualify for the $10 bonus!

(note: 2 of 8 trips are already counted in the -$25.98)

I earned a total of $38.63 from 8 trips and after clearing the -$25.98... I've a miserable $3.05 in my account, but that is excluding the $10 Quest bonus and $6 (120 gems x $0.05/gem) from my Zone Boost.

So, if you work during peak hours, you can easily earn $50 in one weekend. But of course if you're a chiong-ster and go for the 15 trips Quest bonus ($25), you can potentially earn $70-80!

But also note that it comes with another bonus:

Aching legs and back!

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