The 3 months Tummy-Flattening Challenge! 15 August Update: Parcel Walker - 8 Deliveries!!

Challenge Update!

Well, another update! For the past weeks, I've been sticking to the plan of doing at least 2 of the exercises per day! I'm actually quite happy with myself for being able to do that!

There are days which I just get too lazy and did not want to do any exercise. But somehow, I still managed to force myself to carry on. I realised that once you take the "1st step" which is getting that butt off the chair, it's not that difficult to finish the set targets.

I did the Plank exercise daily but still I can't move pass the 70 seconds mark. By the 40ish seconds mark, my tummy and hands were aching badly I could barely hold my position. As for the leg lifts which I also did daily, I've decided to up the minimum to at least 22.

I've measured my waist and low part of my belly. Well, the numbers didn't change at all (as expected) but I have loss some weight (0.2kg). I guess, that is a good indication things are working for me.

The Delivery (This delivery is actually on 6th Aug)

I was surprised when I saw that I was assigned 8 deliveries for the day! It's not the most I've gotten but definitely a shock to me! But I do believe its due to their new payment system. (I'll definitely go into this one when I've more prove supporting my believe.)

 8 parcels!!

Anyway, this is the stats before I left home for delivery.

The addresses are spread across 4 blocks and lucky for me, they're quite centralised and I've some parcels that are in the same block, just different unit. 

This is the stats after all the deliveries were made.

So the whole delivery process took about 52 minutes and covered 1.7km and 2,500ish steps. I wasn't surprise with the smaller distance covered because some of the parcels are in the same block, so I was just taking the lift to another floor and unit. However, I did take the chance and climbed a combination of 5 floors of stairs.

As mentioned above, I suspect (in fact I observed) a change in their paying rate and system, and I expect more of these large deliveries (items) per day in future. I just hope they don't go overboard and stuffing way too many in a day. I can definitely handle if the parcels are small and light, but anything heavier, I'll have trouble carrying them around.

Anyway, I'll definitely update you guys what I observe when I get more prove later this month. :)

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