The No-Respond Management of WMG?

An incident happen quite recently and I've come to realise that WMG could have better management and supportive system for their walkers.

I'm will be going away for holiday for a week between 18-25th August with my family and I notified my in charge(IC) 3 weeks before so that she can have ample time to make arrangements. She replied saying she will take note.

On the 16th, I was notified that I've 3 parcels to deliver on the 17th. So I immediately notify my IC that I may not be able to attempt any re-delivery as I'll be away 4:30am the next morning (18th). I notified her that because I was expecting there to be failure because one of the recipient, whom I've delivered to previously work long hours and is usually home after 11:30pm.

My IC replied, asking me how many days will I be away. So, it means that she doesn't remember that I told her I will be away for the whole week! I quoted my previous message and replied to her.

After which, no respond, for a few hours.

Later that night, I asked her again to see if there is any arrangement if there is a need to redeliver.

No respond again.

Next day, 3 parcels arrived at my doorstep. I went ahead with delivery. And 2 of them failed (recipient not home). And as expected, the recipient who work long hours was not home and not contactable.

I tried to get my IC to see if she have any plans about the parcels and re-delivery and she was totally unresponsive!

Although all went well, because I "bugged" the recipients to make the re-delivery possible and lucky for me, both of them happen to be available on a later time. In the end I stayed up late to make my last delivery (@11:50pm) which is way pass my working hours of 10:30pm!

The recipients were really nice and thankful, which made me feel slightly better. But I'm disappointed in my IC who went "missing" ever since I brought up the problem. It was like as if her dog ate her phone suddenly!

I've no idea what to do with the parcels if I cannot make the re-deliveries! Do I keep the parcels with me till I come back or is there a way I could pass it to other walkers to make the deliveries?

I was told, when I first joined, that I could contact them whenever I run into problems or when I couldn't make a delivery! So now, I've contacted them and their respond seems to be no-respond!

So can I respond in a no-respond way when they contacted me about the parcels next time?

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