Why you should not let hardworking people design a product!

Oh, before you start reading, I wish to make it clear that there is nothing wrong with hardworking! It's a virtue and should be rewarded.

However, hardworking may not be useful in all situations. I guess we all agree on this, right?

Well, I wish to share a story with you. It's my personal experience, actually.

You see, my dad is a retiree. So he has lots of free time which he spent ... erm... trying to solve some problems in the house.

And the No.1 problem was brought up by my mother - our messy charging station. 

I guess the image illustrated the problem quite well. Well, I came up with something that is a rectangular box which would run from the box and is as long as the width of the table. At both ends of the box, holes should be drilled to let the cables enter and exit. "Tracks" should also be made to separate the cables (limiting 2 cables to one hole). After using the cables, they can be easily pushed back into the box and hence no more messy long cables! 

A rough illustration I did back then.

However, my dad has other ideas and since he is the carpenter, he gets to decide. He started on his project to solve the messy cables and then finally finished it in roughly 4 days.

He made a 15 cm deep box that extend out of our original cable box and made a small "slit" with a circular opening on one side to slide the cables in. It looks really nice actually but with a few problems.

1) The "slit" with too narrow (which he refuse to file it wider, fearing the cables would fall inside the box) and pushing the excess cable into the box is difficult. Look, we've a few 1.5 and 2 meters cables that really is a chore to stuff back in.

2) The longer cables get tangled up inside the box. Pulling the cables out is not that smooth as well, because of reason 1 and the cables tangling inside.

3) To remove any cable that is not the first one from the round opening, you'll have to remove other cables first. Pray hard that the cable furthest away from the round opening doesn't spoil or then ...

Look, I'm not complaining (ok, maybe I'm a little) but I see my dad working hard on the solution and I appreciate that. And to be honest, the box does looks very nice and sturdy!

But then I guess he was just too hardworking. He really don't mind stuffing the cables back into place every single time after using, even if it takes more than just one push. And by more than just one, I mean 5-10 pushes. And I mean it!

But honestly, for lazy people like me. I really don't want to be stuck there stuffing and pushing the cables in. It just takes too much effort! And now, even my mum always leave the cables dangling because it gets really annoying!

There, I think I illustrated my point.

Hardworking is not a bad thing but if you're designing something for people to use, you've to know that people are lazy and they want a solution that makes things easier, not harder.

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