The 3 months Tummy-Flattening Challenge! 20 July Update: Distance covered by 3 deliveries.

An update of what happen today. The reason of this update is to let you have some understanding about how much distance and steps are covered on days when I make deliveries. Although I've mentioned in my previous posts that deliveries wouldn't affect the results of this challenge very much, I'd still like to fill you in with the statistics.

As I've mentioned in my previous post, My Experience as a Parcel Walker with World Marketing Group (WMG), delivery jobs are usually about 2-3 parcels per day and within the neighbourhood (less than 2 bus stops).

Today I received 3 parcels and they're all within my neighbourhood, with the furthest, just a bus stop away.

I've downloaded an app, call Stepz, which I use to record my distance covered and number of steps I walked.

Just ignore the goal progress because I was too lazy to
change the default setting of 10,000 steps per day.

I started with 1,442 steps and 1km covered. (I've no idea how they were counted because I didn't move around much except going for breakfast with my family).

Today, I've to deliver to 3 difference blocks, and one of them is the block I'm staying in. During one of the delivery, the recipient happen to stay on a lower floor (3rd floor), so I took the stairs instead of the lift.

Anyway, just a health tip. Going down the stairs is bad and straining for the knees, so I always take the lift down even if the recipient stays on low levels.

This is the stats at the end of the day. These stats includes me walking 2-3 blocks down to buy dinner and a stopping over at supermarket to get some things. If my memory didn't fail me, I was at about 2,700ish - 2,800ish steps after my last delivery.

So this actually means that making 3 deliveries would take about 1,300 steps (2,800-1500, rounded up) and the distance covered is roughly about 1.4-1.6km. Of course there will be days which I've to deliver to blocks that are slightly further away but I believe the stats shouldn't be too far from these.

When I got home, I was pretty tired, but I still did 1 minute of Plank Exercise and 22 sit-ups.
The Plank is really a killer! Just 45 seconds of it and my whole body is shaking like mad! 1 minute is the maximum time I can handle for now.

Ok, that's my update for today (20 July). The next update won't be too soon, but I'll try to update again on a day I've got delivery jobs so that you not only get update about the challenge but also have a feel of how its like working as a Parcel Walker.

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