GrabFood Reminder: Check your compensation!

This is a reminder and perhaps a "warning" of sort to all the hardworking GrabFood riders out there!

I've recently realised that GrabFood no longer automatically compensate the "Goodwill Reimbursement" and that if you do not check, you may end up not getting your compensations!

It happened twice to me.

Just last week, I received an order whereby the customer input the wrong address. I called him when I couldn't locate him and he requested (actually he demanded) that I send the food to his address which is almost 1.7km away.

Well, I asked the CS in the telegram chat and he told me that if I'm still willing to send the food, I'll have to screencap a chat with the customer's asking for a change of address, and then snapping a photo of the unit or block number when I make the delivery as prove.

Then I'll have to wait for the operator to complete the job for me or I can get penalise/ban for dropping at a different address as the stated one.

Well, I did as instructed and waited for a long time before the operator completed my order. He told me compensation (if any) will be made within 24 hours, which of course never did happen.

Then there was a 2nd time whereby I went to the store and it was closed. I called the store owner to confirmed that they're not open. I tried contacting the telegram chat but they took forever to respond, so in the end, I cancelled on my end, after informing the customer. I stated the reason that Restaurant is closed and then updating the telegram chat about it. They responded with a "Noted."

For both cases, compensation was not made within 24 hours, in fact, when I asked for the compensation today, it has been at least 72 hours.

My "Goodwill Reimbursement" adds up to be about $4, which is almost the price of one trip! That to me matters, I worked hard for them!

So GrabFood riders out there, please note down the orders that you should receive "Goodwill Reimbursement" and make sure you get them!

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