GrabFood: Cash Orders vs No Cash Orders, does it affects earning by a lot?

GrabFood provide Cash on Delivery services, and I'm surprised that some people didn't know about that. (At least my friend didn’t) And in fact, I haven't really mentioned that in details prior to this too.

So I won't be surprised that many aren't sure about how cash delivery works. To be honest, I'm not very sure too myself. LOL. But I have accepted cash on delivery up till the start of December.

Cash on Delivery Orders

Cash delivery happens when customer choose to pay by cash instead of cashless (Grabpay). You'll know if the order is cash or cashless before you accept it. It’ll be indicated on the app.

On GrabFood website, they stated that you're expected to have change for $100 even though GrabFood doesn't allow cash payment for orders more than $50!

You're not auto-assigned Cash on Delivery orders right at the start, you'll have to allow auto top-up OR have money in your Credit Account to be assign cash orders. And to turn on/off auto top-up, you've to chat with Grab operator via their Telegram chat.

Anyway, let’s get back to how the cash order works, and before that, we need to know about the 2 wallets.

There are 2 wallets in the grab driver app - Credit and Cash Wallet.

Cash Wallet

Cash Wallet is the money you earned from all your deliveries. For cashless jobs, Whatever you earn goes straight to your cash wallet. It is also the wallet which you cashout from (from Grab app to your bank account).

Credit Wallet

I don't really know why its there, but it's like the "Debts" account in accounting. Whatever Grab takes from you, goes through this account.

So for cash on delivery jobs, 3 things will happen.

1) The app will show you how much you should collect from your customer. Let's take the above order as an example: customer ordered $12.00 worth of food. They'll pay you $15.00 in cash because they'll have to pay you the delivery fee of $3.

So then what will happen to the $5.11 delivery fee promised?

2) Grab will then top-up the Earning adjustment (distance adjustment of $2.11) so that you earn the promised delivery fee.

3) Grab will then auto top-up your Credit Wallet with the $12.00 which they paid the restaurant on behalf of the customer from your Cash Wallet. And then deduct the $12.00 from your Credit Wallet. Don't ask me why the trouble, but that is how they work.

So in the end, you'll end up with $15.00 - $12.00 = $3.00 (from Customer) + $2.11 (earning adjustment which Grab will credit straight into your Cash Wallet), and that you get the $5.11 promised.

It's quite a complicated process, especially before the update. But it has been much easier now.

Previously, I was told that turning off auto top-up (which equates to not accepting cash deliveries) would affect the number of jobs you received. However, I did turned off the function and stop accepting cash orders for 3 whole weeks and then I compared the number of orders.

Correction: turning off auto top-up doesn't mean you won't receive cash orders! You just have a lesser chance to receive them! Meaning if let's say a cash order have no takers, Grab will still throw it to those people who turned off the auto top-up. However, the rate is not high. I've like received only 1-2 such orders in a month. Annoying it is, as I've to find ways to get enough cash for change. So yeah, maybe it's always good to have some small change with you.

My finding is that there will be a minimum of 5 orders lesser a week as that is the minimum amount of cash orders I received a week. The highest number of cash orders I receive a week is about 8. However, I have no trouble hitting my target (of 25 trips for the weekday) if I work at least 6 hours (3 hours each during lunch and dinner period) even without cash orders.

Anyway, I'll list the Pros and Cons from my own experience.


- More orders.
- More chance of Tips (keep the change)


- Need to carry cash (and coins), and a lot of cash (about $100). Yes, I did have to make change for $100 a few times.

- Harder to cashout. You need a minimum of $50 to cashout and 90% of the times, they'll give you a cash order when you've over $40 in your Cash Wallet.

- When the app or your 3/4G is not stable, you might not be able to see the amount you're to collect. Happened to me and it sucks! I got into an unpleasant experience with customer.

- MIA customers. I've once encountered a customer who MIA after order. I cannot contact him via chat or phone call. In the end, have to go through Grab to get my money back since I cannot collect the cash from customer. And you know Grab sometimes very slow in doing that and that will slow you down.

- Customer who doesn't have enough cash ... Yes, happened to me again... -_-" Customer is short of $1... so I give her "discount" loh.

- Customer who wants you to buy other things for them. Well, there are all sorts of customer. There is one customer who ordered a packet of Milo and then asked me to deliver a packet of cigarettes along with it. Of course I declined! Who knows if he is a minor or if he would really pay me back!! No one in my nuclear family smokes, I don't need that cigarette!
- Customer who don't want to pay. (So far I've not encounter this!!Choy!!!!!)

Well, it does look like the Cons out weight the Pros but its really up to individuals. Some people don't mind carrying cash around with them and some need the orders to hit the targets. But I would like to highlight that most customers are nice people who will pay and don't mind you taking the small change as tips.

But for me, I pretty much am happy with cashless orders now.

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