I took my 1st jab of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.


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Well, this is my personal experience taking the vaccine, it'll not be the same for everyone.

It all started with a SMS notification that says I was "nominated for vaccination by my organisation (which is Grab)". I was given a link which took me to a webpage to book the timing.

I was hesitant, to be honest. My sister took her jab one month before I received the notification and she had fever and was "weak" for a whole day. She also had bad ache around the jab area (arm) and she couldn't lift her arm high. Other than that, she is fine.

The worst story I heard was from my cousin who suffered ALL the side effects (nauseous, dizziness, fever and headache)... lucky for her, it's just a little of everything and not severe.

Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and just go! I believe its safer and ultimately good for protecting my family and myself. (Prior to this, my sister and dad had gotten the vaccination already and mum had also registered for vaccination!)

The day came, it's all very organised. All you need is head down to the Community center(CC) with your Safe-entry token and your IC. I went in the noon and there is no queue. There are ambassadors in the CC who will help you out.

After getting in, they did some "screening" (more like double checking), they'll ask you the questions you've answered in the online registrations again. Then you'll be given a "sticker" and then led to the "jab station"... there they double check your "sticker" and then give you your jab. I was scared to be honest, I've always been afraid of injections!! But Oh, it doesn't hurt!! And it just took a second!!

Once done, you'll be ask to sit at the "waiting area" for 30 minutes. So be prepared, bring your phone else you'll be bored!! (although there are TV screening some COVID related information, but you won't be interested, plus they just keep looping!)

For me, the side effect started kicking on quite soon after I left the CC. I think I started to feel sore in my jab area 45 minutes after I left. And then it got worst for the rest of the day! I couldn't life my arm over my shoulder and it just feels so sore. I was walking like a T-rex, with my hand fore arm extended out as that is the area I can move my left arm (jab arm).

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The sore is so bad, I can hardly hold my phone for more than a few minutes. I had a hard time bathing and changing clothes. Other than that, I felt a "tired wave" that lasted for about 2 hours. I didn't develop fever or other side effects. 

The sore subsided by the 3rd day (no more T-rex! And can raise my arm slowly over my head.) and was totally gone on the 4th day!

Well, the vaccination really isn't that scary as I thought it to be. I thought I would be down for the whole day like my sister, but I was fine except for the really bad sore.

My 2nd and final jab will be about 11 days from now... and I'm no longer afraid of taking the jab. I actually look forward to completing my vaccination and be more protected!

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