Daiso Petit Blocks! The $2 "mini Legos".


My family visited Daiso over the weekends and I fall in love with their Petit Blocks New Series! For those of you who didn't know what Petit Blocks are, it's Daiso version of Nanoblocks, and a lot cheaper!! They're just $2 per pack!

But I've to be honest here, Petit Blocks's quality aren't as good as Nanoblocks, but who cares, it's not like they'll break the moment you touch them, they're just a little harder to assemble for some pieces (not all). Otherwise, it's pretty much the same as Nanoblocks.

They've quite a huge selection, though you probably won't find every selection in store as they seems to replace older selections with newer ones. And they seems to order stocks base on popularity. (Just my observation)

Anyway, they seems to have a new series, which is the "Miniature Workers" series. And Oh, I love them!!

I've gotten every single one that I can find in the store!! And I think this is probably the whole collection of the series!! 

And they also have the vehicle series which you can probably get the vehicles that goes with the occupations in the worker series!

Anyway, I've included videos about the Petit Blocks and Workers series, you can watch them if you're interested!

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