iPega 9167 Bluetooth gaming controller


I've decided to get the iPega 9167 controller to turn my Poco X3 pro into an ultimate entertainment/gaming center!

I've been running PPSSPP and a game controller will come really handy, especially when it comes to action games.

And after using it for a while, I'll share my experience with the controller.

Controller Design

The iPega 9167 comes with a simple packaging. There is the controller, a 3.5mm audio jack extension, a Type-c cable and a handle/controller. 

The controller is fully plastic except for the joystick caps, but it doesn't feel cheap nor does it slips easily. Although its not heavy, its slightly on the bulky side, with a thickness of about 4-4.5cm. It can stretch to a maximum of about 26cm, which means it can accommodate almost all kinds of tablets.

What makes the iPega 9167 so special is its ability to swap "handle". If you wanted to play games that requires A,B,X,Y (like emulators), you can attach the handle with the buttons, else you can attach the other handle that just have a single should button. And don't worry about the handle slipping out, you need to push a button to release the handles.

However, the handle with the A,B,X,Y buttons, does have the "cutout" for the charging cable, so you might need to get a 90° charging cable to be able to charge and play at the same time.

Also, the 3.5mm audio jack extension is very long and depending on your phone design, could block the charging port.  

This is my solution for it, which make the audio jack extension pretty much... redundant. 

Performance and Ease of play

Equipped with Blue Tooth 4.0, the connection is fast and stable. Pairing is very easy. The buttons are clicky and responsive and the buttons layout and positions are comfortable for the hands. 

There are 4 modes which you can go into. 

iOS V3(direct play), Android V3(direct play), Android Standard and wired mode. Each have their own unique button combination for pairing.

To use the V3 modes, you'll need to download an app "ShootingPlus V3" from the PlayStore or AppStore. However, iOS users do take note that the v3 direct play mode is only fully compatible with iOS 11 - iOS 13.3.1, for iOS versions higher than that, you can only use it as a single hand joystick (left side only).

Once you open the app, there will be a list of games whereby the buttons have been preset and you can just click and play. If the buttons mapping aren't to your liking, you can remap them.

The Android Standard mode works better with game emulators. I've tried pairing into V3 mode and I couldn't get the buttons to assign correctly with PPSSPP. So I've to unpair and put the controller back into Android standard mode.

Unfortunately, once you've the V3 app and mode registered with your phone, it'll get into V3 mode by default, no matter what button combination you input while pairing.

Also, the controller does have problem with "dead zones" - all the diagonal directions doesn't work well and is a hit and miss. So it is actually pretty frustrating when you're playing fast pace games like PUBG. 

Battery Life

The controller comes with a 380mAh Lithium battery and promises 15 hours of gaming and up to 30 days of standby per charge. 

To save battery, the controller will go into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity and it can easily be "waken" up by pressing the home button and it'll reconnect.

I've had session of about 3 hours and the controller still have juice.




+ Bluetooth 4.0
+ Fast and stable connection
+ Decent battery life
+ Good and comfortable to hold
+ Buttons are responsive and well positioned
+ Removeable handle, can be use as
single hand controller

- Can be uncomfortable for small hands
- Audio jack extension not for all phones
- Dead zones 
- Cannot be use with thick phone cases
- Not fully compatible with all iOS versions

Overall, I enjoyed gaming on the iPega 9167, perhaps because I am mainly using emulators which doesn't really need the joysticks. If you're into something with a good joysticks, then this controller might not be for you... unless, you have the knowledge to open it up, as there are people who report that removing the yellow plate on the joysticks solve the dead zone problem!

I made a video of the unboxing and running the controller.

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