"Ergonomic Standing" mouse Vs Normal "flat" mouse Part 1: Getting used to


I use my computer a lot, easily 10 hours per day. And I can confirm that the picture above is not exaggerating. I have lots of pain on my wrist and it sometimes radiates to my ring finger (I tend to left click with it).

And I decided that it's enough! 

Erm... but, I can't live without my computer so the only solution is to get a more comfortable mouse. I searched around and found out that there is a thing known as "standing mouse" aka "vertical mouse" and "ergonomic mouse", which supposedly put less stress on the wrist joint.

Well, it doesn't cost that much, about SG$10 and I was ordering something else from Taobao, so why not?

The mouse arrived quickly within 2 weeks and I honestly didn't know what to feel about it. Don't get me wrong, it feels good in the hand, very nice texture, just that it's a little lighter than I expected.

But the orientation ... hmm, it needs a lot of getting used to. The way of holding the mouse is really different between the 2 mouse. For the normal mouse, I have to cup my palm over the mouse but now, I am "wrapping" my palm around the mouse. 

Clicking wise, it's also needs a lot of adjustments. The buttons are well placed on the standing mouse and I could easily click both buttons and scroll with the "wheel". 

But I do always miss the left click because I do tend to left click a lot with my ring finger instead of my index finger. I guess it just my weird habit.

1 day into using the standing mouse and I don't feel anything changed yet and I am honestly frustrated because I am so NOT USED TO it. I guess I will use it for a while more before making my conclusion in the next post!

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