"Ergonomic Standing" mouse Vs Normal "flat" mouse Part 2: More about the mouse and Conclusion


Well, because the mouse came in just a simple box without any instructions and such, I'm left to explore the functions on my own.

But somehow, I managed to find out from a shopping site, a photo illustrating the button functions of the standing mouse.

So there is a "back", "forward" button and one that will adjust the responsiveness of the mouse (at least that is what I feel from my experience). I  think there is just 3 level of responsiveness. 

The level of responsiveness does makes great difference to the usage of the mouse. The 1st level just follows your movement so closely it annoys me as it seems like my mouse is "lagging". The middle works best for me while the last seems a tiny too fast.

Now, let's get back to the topic, does the Standing mouse feels more comfortable? 

My conclusion after a week of heavy usage - NO! 

Or a little "yes".

I mean it did lessen the stress on the wrist and cuts down the "radiating pain" to my ring finger initially but as the usage gets longer, the pain and discomfort all came back again.

So I'll say for short timeframe of usage, yes, the standing mouse is a little more comfortable but it's just so minimal.

I think the "cons" actually offsets the "pros".

1. the standing mouse seems to be more prone to accidental clicks. 

2. Depending on the height of your desk, your wrist might be hovering above the desk. While, resting the wrist on the desk, doesn't makes it hurts after long hours, it's the same if you let it hover above the desk.

3. The "back" and "forward" button positions are just weird and hard to click on. 

4. My hand will sometimes slip off the mouse despite its slightly grippy texture.

While the Standing mouse seems like a horrible investment, when I think deeper about it, I can't help but ask myself that whether it's the design of this particular mouse?

I mean, maybe the Standing mouse needs to be more "tailored" to the user's hand and everyone's hand is different. Maybe someone with smaller hand than me will find the "back" and "forward" buttons positions really well. Maybe a bigger "base" with more room to rest the side of the palm will be more comfortable? 

Anyways, my conclusion still stands, cons > pros.

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