I just switced to Simba (previously TPG) SuperRoam MY plan ...

I just switched to the Simba SuperRoam MY plan as I will be travelling to Malaysia again soon. I don't know if it's worth the extra SG$3 per month since I don't travel to Malaysia as much now but it's just SG$30 for the first 90 days, which translate to $10/month. My previous plan is also $10/month so it doesn't make any difference for me. 

However, the price will increase to SG$39/90days after, but then I can always choose to revert my plan back if I don't find it worthwhile.

The difference between my previous plan (SIM-ONLY 100GB) is that I get 

+ 30GB more local data (although 100GB is overkill for my usage) 

+ 10GB MY roaming (will track my usage as much as possible to know if it's enough, I will probably hotspot to my sister while I will top up the ONEXOX sim card for my mother to use)

+ 200 more Local Fixed Line Minutes 

+ 100 more MY IDD minutes 

+ 20 more local SMS 

The only thing I lost is 

- 1GB of International roaming data

Honestly, 1 GB of roaming data is too little if you plan to use GPS, game or stream videos (YT). If it's just simple text messages (Whatsapp) and minimal web surfing, it MIGHT BE enough.

If you do need to travel to countries other than Malaysia, Simba do have plans for regional (SuperRoam 50GB (30D) or (90D)) and International (SuperRoam Max) roaming too. 

And the best thing is, you now have the option to upgrade your plan without having to change your number, unlike previously, you have to signup a new number (line) if you wish to upgrade your plan.

I will be trying out the coverage in Malacca when my family visit MY about a week later. But I do have great confidence in the stability of their network as I have tried Simba roaming on my previous trip.

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