Topping up ONEXOX account is soo confusing


My ONEXOX welcome deal have expired (long ago) and now that my family is going into Malacca again, I have to top-up the card and subscribe to another plan.

I opened up my XOX Black app. Honestly, it's super confusing.

You see, there are 2 wallets in your account balance - Dedicated Account (DA) and Main Account (MA). 

According to the ONEXOX website, 

"MA calls are normal rate: 12 cents for 30 seconds, DA calls are cheap rate: 7 sen for 30 seconds.

When making a phone call, the DA credit is deducted first, and the MA credit is deducted after the DA credit is used up. DA Call rate is cheaper than MA.

So this is to encourage users to topup more money (because the more topups, the more Top up will be transferred to DA proportionally).

However, the current Season Pass is cheaper, calling all telco, only 9 cents per 60 seconds. So DA and MA don’t have much effect."

Basically, DA will cost lesser than MA when making calls and will be deducted first. And when you top up your acount, the more money will go into MA than DA, UNLESS you top up RM50, all the RM50 will go into DA.

I topped up RM20 because I wanted to subscribe to a RM19 weekly plan - 5GB for a week. I was shocked to see my money spilt into 2 wallets and when I navigated to the subscription page, only DA shows up there.

So I tried to find out from the website and virtual assistant about how do I pay for subscriptions (is it via DA or MA) but they're not very helpful. I have to turn to online forums to find out. Apparently, they will deduct from both accounts if one isn't enough, however I have no idea, which account will be the main one to be deducted from first.

Update: DA + MA = Air time and it can be use to buy Season Pass. But do note that an OTP will be send to you when you use Air Time as payment. That SMS will cost you. (If you receive the SMS in Singapore it's considered roaming and each SMS is about RM2+)

Honestly, it's all very confusing for me and I felt very frustrated while trying to figure things out. The official website in mainly in Malay and I have to hope onto a authorised dealer website for info in English.

I have contemplated for a long time if I should top up my Season Pass (SP) (all data and talk time in Season Pass will last till the card expires if not used) or I just get the weekly plan.

I am looking at 10GB in SP for RM50 or a 5GB weekly plan for RM19. I decided to go for the weekly plan because I realised that:

To "draw" data from SP, I will need to sign up for a monthly or weekly plan. They do have daily plan but you can't use the data from your SP for daily plans, you'll need to pay with cash on your account.

The monthly plans comes with:

500GB/month - RM12 (Auto renewal unless turned off.)
1GB/month - RM15 (Auto renewal unless turned off.)
2GB/month - RM25 (Auto renewal unless turned off.)
5GB/month - RM30 (Auto renewal unless turned off.)
6GB/month - RM30
10GB/month - RM50 (Auto renewal unless turned off.)
13GB/month - RM50

*Steps to "OFF" Auto Data Renewal (EVERYTIME you withdraw data from season pass)
1) Dial *150*2# OR *150# to go to USER MENU
2) Select 3 "Internet"
3) Select 2 "Subscribe from Season Pass"
3) Select 66 " More"
4) Select 1 "Stop Plan Renewal"


When in Malaysia,
SMS to 23388

Out of all the monthly plans, the 6GB and 13GB plan won't draw from the SP and you'll have to pay for them. 

The weekly plans are as follow:

2GB for a week - RM10
5GB for a week - RM19

out of which, you can't use SP for the 5GB plan.

I wanted the 5GB weekly plan because I think 5GB is a safer option (since Mom can finish 1GB on a one day trip. LOL). Well, I told her, she can do whatever she wants and she did (send lots of videos + gaming). LOL.

However, you can't draw data from the SP for the 5GB weekly plan so ... yeah. And I feel, with or without SP, you're limited by the plans available. You can't draw only 3GB because there isn't a plan for that, also if you ran out of data for your subscription plan and wants to addon extra data, you can't draw from your SP too. (Anyways, the addons are not very worth it except maybe for the ESP addons which will expire at 11:59PM on the day of purchase. Probably worth it if you purchase in the wee hours.)  

I really wish ONEXOX will have more flexible plans or allow non-black users to draw directly from SP too. Currently, only Black users can draw directly from SP, but XOX Black plans are postpaid.

I used to regret not selecting a Welcome deal with data in SP, but now I feel that it's not such a big deal anymore. But I did wasted about 10GB on my previous trip because I simply couldn't finish using the data despite 'hotspotting' and gaming a lot towards the end of the trip.

Update: I managed to get a Happy Hour Deal - 28GB SP data for RM50. Initially, you can get only 10GB with RM50. I feel Happy Deals are what keep the SP worth buying. Unless you're travelling  to Malaysia frequently OR that you plan to go there for a long trip (> 7days) OR you are a heavy user, the 5GB weekly plan should be enough. The daily plans of 1GB for RM3 or 2GB for RM5 are worth considering too but those can't be drawn from SP.  

So change of plan, I will probably draw 5GB from my SP and get the 5GB monthly plan. I just have to remember to cancel Auto renewal or 5GB will be drawn monthly from my SP. 


  1. Hey, I want to use XOX plan during my college, and I heard they got a MySiswa Program exclusively for students, can you do a review about XOX plan since I currently using redone for 3 years and offer by XOX seem tempting since they allow you to store unused data for this month to able be used in next month plus extra data and damn cheap for 25 ringgit for 3 month coverage.

    1. I am sorry I can't help you on this one. XOX is not a plan I use on a daily basis. I only applied for XOX for my short trip to Msia. I have not update myself about their plans after my trip ends.

  2. Hey I was thinking purchasing plans through the “change plans” button but no sure on how long they last

    Am wondering if it is worth it compared to the season pass which I rarely use (since I dont go out much and have wifi at home)

    1. I am not a monthly user, so if you asked me, I feel its better off with season pass. I just buy during their sales (Happy hour) and you use them whenever you needed them. It's cheaper this way.


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