I'm back with Parcel Walker!

Almost a month ago, I was contacted by a representative from WMG asking me if I wish to be activated as a Parcel Walker again.

I thought about it and I agreed. Afterall, GrabFood is starting to really cut incentives and make things really unfair and difficult for the walkers.

WMG now seems to have become slightly more strict about how they work and handle the parcels. They now require the walkers to get the parcels from a collection point near them and signing to acknowledge accepting them.

I was also told that I need to put on uniform and this ugly oversized vest, long pants and covered shoes. To be honest, the uniform is quite attractive but way to big for average females (the smallest size is M) and the vest is even worst! It's like I stole my dad's vest!

They also require walkers to "book" a whole month worth of slots (days that you're available) via a form whereby they'll whatsapp you. I do think having to book 1 month in advance is a little extreme and demanding for a free-and-easy job. However, if you can't make it for a certain day, you just have to inform them 3 days in advance. 

Anyway, I was able to confirm that Parcel Walker will guarantee a $8 per activation. Meaning if I was ask to deliver parcel, I'll be gaurented $8 for that day!

So let's say I was activated to deliver parcels on Monday, and I've 2 parcels to deliver, each weighing around 0.1kg. I'll not make $1 ($0.50 for small parcels 0-1kg) but $8!

However, let's say I received 10 parcels instead, all of them about 1.2kg each. Instead of receiving $8, I'll be paid $10 ($1.00 for parcels 1.1-3kg)!

So a base of $8 or the total quantity and weight of the parcels, whichever is more!

So far I've made a few deliveries for them and never do I get over $8! The heaviest I've sent so far is 3 parcels that adds up to more than 16kg and then 1 single parcel of over 4kg.


  1. Now I’m even more confused about how to calculate the cost of the parcel since you showed me new data that was not clear to me.

  2. Quite a short time to conduct a final analysis of differences since some results will be visible much later.


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