I can't believe I spent almost SG$45 on these things!!


I must admit that online shopping can get really scary when it gets out of hand!!

I mean I was suppose to help my mum buy some dancing costume on Taobao but I ended up buying almost SG$40 worth of ... well, cute but not very useful stuffs!!

It all started with my cousin giving me a Crayon Shinchan Gachapon toy she got from Japan! If you don't know what Gachapon is, it's a capsule vending machine whereby you insert coins and turn this handle and a capsule with some toys inside will fell out!

By the way, I have gotten a bunch of miniature Gachapon machines, so yeah... I'll just show you what Gachapon are later on!

Anyway, back to the story, after I received the capsule, I started becoming crazy over anything is about Shinchan! And then while browsing, I stumble upon these cute mini Gachapon machines!! OMG! They're sooo damn cute!!

I bought 12 of them in total, 6 of them were miniatures of Bandai Gachapon machines! And the funny thing is ... these Mini's were gotten from a Gachapon machine! But of course, I didn't have to go through the torturous "lucky draw" to get what I want because someone was selling them on Taobao and I was able to choose whatever design I like.

They came inside the original Bandai capsules!

Upon opening, they're just empty "boxes" and you've to paste the stickers on one by one sccording to the instructions, which are all in Japanese.

It takes a bit of hardwork because there are some parts that are really small, like the capsules.


The plastic, well-made ones are the ones I bought while the taller one, that looks like paper mesh, is made by me! LOL.

As you can see, there are 2 types of mini Bandai gachapom machines.

The ones with the drawer and are of better quality. The "handle" is also much easier to turn.

And the one that has the plastic cover at the "exit" for the capsule. The cover is really flimsy and makes it hard for the capsule to come out! Also, it's quite difficult to turn the short knob.

And then I also gotten some Gachapon machine that, honestly I think are copies of Bandai's mini Gachapon machines.

They are slightly bigger and wider in size and comes well packaged in a plastic box.



The instructions on the box has something copied from the ones found inside the Bandai's capsules! LOL.


I really love their mini capsules, which are not only more colourful but are also able to contain some small plastic pieces. Unfortunately, the printing/stickers for these machines are not that attractive as compared to the Bandai ones. Some of the stickers appear dull and bland.


 These 12 mini Gachapon machines cost me about SG$30!! LOL, I know it sounds crazy!!

But, it didn't end there ... Oops!

I went and get 2 plastic "figurines" of Shinchan. These are sent by random, and I was lucky to get one of those I want!

I also bought a set of 8 Shinchan keychains ... which I think were China replica.

 They're quite well made but sadly, they didn't pay enough attention to the details. There are quite some areas that have colours mixed up, colours in the wrong area and even little chipping off.


It's actually quite a pity because they've so much potential and skill but neglected the details.

There, this post shall be kept a secret from my parents, they'll definitely nag me to death if they know how much I spent on such "useless" things!

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  1. Sometimes online shopping is really unnecessary. However, the bright packaging and unusual design of these things prompts us to purchase a product


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