Is GrabFood Walker affected by the Circuit Breaker (CB)!

It has been a looong while since I last updated.

Covid-19 had hit Singapore quite badly and changes our lives. With the circuit breaker in place, people are not allowed to go out except for essentials like food, groceries and exercise. Some "luxury food" are closed (bubble tea :/ and McDonald's) and many places are tightening their securities and checking temperature of everyone entering.

As a GrabFood walker, I'm affected by the changed?

Well, sadly, yes, I was hit pretty badly too, especially with the closing of some fast food chains that generated a lot of orders. (Yes, McDonld's took up like 60% of my orders!) Also, the screening measures really slow down collection and delivery process.

Drop in Orders

Well, many would actually think that orders would increase since people are staying home or should be staying home more, but no.

That is not the case for walkers.

In fact I see a drastic drop in earnings! I average $21-28 per day (5-7 orders) working (3 - 9pm) but now, I struggle to get $20 (3-4 orders) for the same hours I put in. On some days, even when I "work" for longer hours (taking supper orders), I still don't hit 5 orders!

Shorter Distances

Grab seems to be allocating jobs of short distances than before to walkers. It's a good thing as walkers need not walk too far to deliver but this also meant that walkers get lesser jobs than before and also earning lesser from distance adjustments. Well, can't get the best of both worlds!

I know I've been complaining about long distances for walkers. That is because Grab had expected their walkers to walk for more than 2 or even 3 KM to deliver 1 order. I think that is kind of crazy! Now they give walkers mostly orders within 1.5km!

You'll be thinking how it affect the walkers?

Let's see, I used to get jobs ranging from $4-5.50 (mostly jobs around $4.50). Now almost all orders are below $4.40!

Longer waiting time

I've mentioned about the slowing down in delivery due to security and screening measures at shops and condominiums. But that is not the only thing that slows down the delivery process. The waiting time at restaurants during peaks hours (especially dinner time) are getting long too!

Just the other day, I waited almost 35 minutes for an order from Burger King! I've also waited the same amount of time for 1 McDonald's order before it was asked to close temporarily. Waiting for 10 minutes or more seems to be the norm for now, especially if you're getting orders from fast food chains!

It has been a hard time for everyone, it has been hard for all delivery partners too! I see more arguments happening at collection points (restaurants) nowadays. The other day, I saw an aunty (GrabFood partner) venting on the McDonald's crew for not prioritizing her order. I hear people complaining about long waiting time.

But that's how it is. The staff at the restaurants are trying hard too ... Just wish everyone to pull through this CB together!! Stay safe!!

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