DIY Mini Gachapon Machines

During the circuit breaker, I'm too free and I'm always trying to find things to do to past time.

So I design some template, print them out on adhesive paper and then make these mini Gachapon Machines out of thick paper.

*This is not the correct scale of the template.

Of course, I didn't get them the first time. It's a lot of trial and error before I arrived at these. If you look closely, the first 2 (orange and blue one) have slightly different design and size compared to the later ones. Well, I screwed up an important part for those 2 and so I adjust the design a little.

These are still not perfect but worked the way I wanted at least.

Well, these crafts are for passing time, since orders(GrabFood) are little... so yeah...

Anyway, it's better than sitting at home doing nothing.

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