Funniest Misconception about Grab Delivery Partners!

When they say it's not good to eavesdrop, I guess they mean it. But sometimes, we just will overhear some conversations that are said in a volume as if the person beside is few meters away.

Anyway, just the other day, I was on a bus ride back when I overheard 2 middle-aged males talking. I was sitting at the upper deck of a double-decker and they're sitting just 1 row away from me and well, are talking like they're the only ones on the bus.

Ok, let's be fair, there are only 6-7 of us on the upper deck, including me, perhaps that's why they're so comfortable.

Anyway, they're talking about Grab. People who work as Grab partners, to be more specific.

And the whole conversations revolve around:

1) Grab drivers are lazy people who are not educated.
2) People who work for GrabFood are as lazy and as uneducated.
3) Those who work for Grab are outcast who can't get a "real" job!

So according to their theory, anyone who doesn't sit in the office and work 8 hours a day, are lazy and uneducated. So they automatically classify Grab partners as lazy.

But for those who have been reading about GrabFood delivery partners (hopefully from my blog LOL), would have know that it's never easy to work for Grab!

We earn little and it takes HARDWORK to earn! Most of us work at least 4-8hours per day, under the hot sun. We're still honest people earning a living to pay our bills or feed our families instead of begging on the street or engaging in illegal activities!

It'll be easier for us to say, "Those lazy people just want to sit in aircon office!" But of course, I'll not say or think that way! I do know that no job is easy! Like we, as delivery partners, have to face the weather, travel under hot sun and face muscle aches/injuries from physical activites. And also, we're more prone to get into accidents, no matter which mode of transport we use.

And for those office workers, they're "confined" in the office for more than 6 hours a day, and they don't get OT pay, not to mention having to deal with office politics and bullying.

I know it's difficult to change someone's view and bias, but I hope that they'll think before making such unfair statement! All jobs are equal!

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