Update: GrabFood Walker in Phrase 1 of Reopening and GrabFood Compensations

I guess it's good news that things are slowly getting back to normal now that we're Reopening after the Circuit Breaker!

The changes for GrabFood Walkers are quite drastic too! With McDonald's back into the scene and also the lowering of delivery fee (by $1), orders have increased and so do order distances!

Walkers do get further orders, up to 1.3km which pays more ($4.40-4.60). Also Grab has lauched GrabMart whereby users can buy groceries online and walkers are included int the program as delivery partners! Now, hitting the Quests targets (of 35 trips for Weekdays and 20 trips for Weekends) MIGHT BE more possible, but of course that depends on your fitness and location. *GrabMart deliveries are also included as Quest trips*

I've yet to receive any GrabMart orders, so I don't know how it works.

Anyway, back to the topic, or rather I would like to share something I've recently discovered about GrabFood. That is, they DO compensate for large orders and long waiting time!

Just few days ago, I've received a huge order that involves 6 McDonald's meal with Medium drinks and a bundle set A! (Nuggets and something else, I really don't remember!)

I decided to try calling in to the hotline ask for compensation. The process is pretty smooth and I was quickly connected to a customer service and after some checking, I was compensated for large order! The customer service was kind enough to check and then gave me another compensation I didn't ask for, and that is long waiting time compensation! Apparently, I waited for more than 30minutes at the restaurant for the order!

I didn't know the break down of the compensation but I got compensated $12 in total! That is a HUGE bonus! $12 is almost equivalent to 3 trips!

I didn't really know the criteria to "qualify" for Large orders as I cannot find the information on Grab website. However, I do get some information from other delivery partners and YouTubers [Grabfood delivery Compensation for Walker].

1) more than 6 meals with drinks
2) more than 15 items, both food and drinks
3) if you think your order is Large, you can call the hotline and talk to the customer service after you're completed the order, they'll provide you a link to upload a photo of your order and they'll access if your order qualifies. YES, PLS TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR ORDER!

For long waiting time, you can start timing when you reached the restaurant and clicked on the "I'm at restaurant. 30 minutes from the time you arrived, you can call in to ask for compensation.

I'm pretty glad that Grab is doing all these so that delivery partners are well compensated for their efforts!


  1. Hi! Any updates about your GrabFood walker journey in the past two months? I'm a walker myself, and I enjoy reading your posts :)

    1. Hi Caleb,

      Nice to know another walker! Glad to know you've been enjoying my blog! I haven't really been documenting my journeys but I guess I can share some of my recent orders. So please anticipate my next one! :)

      Have a great day and stay safe!! Happy National day!

  2. Hello! Thanks for replying :)

    Nice to met you too. Yup sure, I will look out for your next post.

    By the way, I recently created my own blog to document my experiences as a GrabFood walker (http://grabfoodwalker.blogspot.com/). You can check it out if you're interested!

    I'm also thinking of compiling a list of GrabFood-related resources (e.g. YouTube channels, blogs, Facebook pages, Telegram groups etc.) Would you be okay if I included your blog in my compilation? Maybe it'll provide some publicity for your posts too.

    Take care and stay safe too! :)

    1. Hey, I just visited your blog, looks like you're enjoying being a walker! Sure, I'll be glad to be included in your compilation! Can I add you to my links too?

  3. Hello! Great, thanks for agreeing. Sure, please go ahead and add me to your links if you wish. :)

    I’m also curious about how monetising a website (using Google AdSense) works, cos I see you have some ads on your website. Do you mind sharing? We can discuss on a more private platform if you wish - whether telegram or WhatsApp or anything. Let me know if that’s ok, if not it’s fine too. Cheers and take care :)

    1. Unfortunately, I couldn't help you with Adsense. My information would be really outdated as my account was approved many years ago when criteria are still not that strict. My only suggestion is that number of posts are important, so strive for around 10 not-too-short posts before applying for Adsense.

      Thanks for the invitation but I'm not someone who is very comfortable about giving out my contacts. I'll try my best to help you out here whenever I can.

      Stay safe! :)


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